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Despite the financial crisis, eCommerce is still going strong in France

FEVAD, France's industry association focusing on the eCommerce and other non retail location sales (ie mail order), recently posted results on the performance of eCommerce in France during Q1 2012.

Paris & Berlin – The tale of two cities (Part 1: The facts you can't ignore)

Paris & Berlin – The tale of two cities (Part 1: The facts you can't ignore)

Nicolas Metzke examines the economic, historical, and georgraphical attributes of the two cities to make an initial assessment of which city is better suited as a startup hub.

Rude VC: Intro to IPOs: US vs. France

Rude VC: Intro to IPOs: US vs. France

If you’ve been reading the French press recently, you are no doubt aware that this week represents the start of a new adventure… I’m of course referring to the imminent road show for Facebook’s IPO.  Already affecting a billion people on the planet, and probably 100% of RudeBaguette readers, Facebook strikes me as the perfect […]

Scientipole replaces bootstrapping for French startups

Since 2002, Scientipole Initiatve, funded by the Ile-de-France has been providing personal loans of between €20K-€60K in order to help startups develop commercially and hire. With their new "croissance" program, they may just be replacing bootstrapping.

13 French Start-ups among the 25 selected for the French & Benelux Tech Tour

13 French startups pitched a 20-minutes presentation to key investors and professionals from Europe, the U.S. and Asia, representing €10 billion worth of investment capital.

Check out the 16 startups competing at Web2day in Nantes!

With Web2day just two weeks away, and the Rude Baguette excited to be attending both as a media partner and as a moderator, the details about the event are slipping out a bit at a time. This week, Web2day announced the sixteen startups who will be competing for a chance to pitch the investor panel […]

AppCooker: Whipping up a better app

App Cooker helps developers to do everything from defining the vision of the app, determining the right type of interface style based on the developer's vision, and creating mock-ups, to, via their Price Cooker tool, figuring out the app's economics.

French government invests in SFR & Bull to offer Cloud Computing

Les Echos reported this morning that French telecom provider SFR & computing hardware company Bull will be teaming up to offer cloud computing services. With SFR having recently changed CEO’s, likely as a response to their drastic loss of users since Free Mobile’s launch earlier this year, this seems to be ex-Vodafone CEO Michel Combes’ first action as […]

The 'Ville' Wars: Zynga attacking Kobojo over use of the word 'Ville'

Trademark and IP infringement are serious and are things that many startups deal with at some stage during their development. However, this case to seems particularly questionable. Trista Bridges explores the "Ville" wars, as Kynga sues French Kobojo for using "ville" in their PyramidVille game

France excels at R&D, but Academia is overdue for disruption

Resident PHD- holder Regis Behmo explores the idea that, while R&D is constantly paving the way for new inventions, startups, and advancements, it seems that Academia itself could use a little disruption.