Viadeo Student Challenge calls for startups looking for a student Social Media team


Last year, Viadeo launched the first edition of its Viadeo Student Challenge. 2000 students applied to work on the social media strategy of the CNJE, a student association of young entrepreneurs. The selected students formed teams and presented their solution on the 29th of March earlier this year at an event attended by social media experts, HR professionals, sponsors & partners. The reaction was so good that Viadeo is doing the event again, but this time they want to get students working on the social media strategy of startups.
They will be selecting just one or two startups, who will receive:

  • Hundreds of students will work on their strategy and come up with precious ideas
  • High visibility through our media planning (influential media partners such as Le Monde, L’Etudiant,…)
  • Networking with influential social media experts and 2.0 HR professionals
  • Display on Viadeo to target their audience very precisely

The event looks like a great way for tech-heavy startups to get a boost in the marketing department, but of course I would urge ANY startup to apply now for this. It is always great to see an established company using its network power to help other startups grow; this trend has definitely been exploding in France over the past few months. You can read about the event announcement (in French) on the Viadeo Group page, though I warn you that, if you are not already a member of Viadeo, it can be an exercise in patience to get to the page you’re looking for.