Eole Water's Wind Turbine turns Desert Condensation into Drinking Water. Seriously.


Web 2.0 is all the craze in the innovation & disruption world, but it’s easy to forget that there are still inventors out there tinkering away with gadgets looking to solve physical problems – EOLE Water CEO Marc Parent is one of those inventors. The company, which derives its name from an early steam-engine plane which used bat-like life to fly, has developed a wind turbine that can pull hundreds of tons of water out of the ground. The invention doesn’t produce an automated pully system in a well, it uses condensation in the air and pulls through an intense water treatment system – the resulting 1500 liters of water per day exceeds the World Health Organizations standard for clean drinking water.

The company, which plans to sell its turbine to developing nations which do not have access to clean water, already has a working prototype, but is working on bringing the cost down from its current $500-600K price point down to $250-300K. The turbine, which requires two weeks to set up, is also planned to double its water production as well.

For third world nations unable to pay, Marketing Director Thibault Janin says that the company will look to corporate sponsors, grants, and NGOs for support and sponsorship. While the Turbine’s productivity varies depending on climate and placement, Janin added that its production capacity can be accurately estimated by weather patterns, so that EOLE can give clients/nations a estimation for various placements depending on restrictions.