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#FrenchTechFriday : go to warp speed with Starnode

Today’s French Tech Friday startup does a very simple thing: it can run your asynchronous javascript functions in parallel. Ok, I might have hit you a bit hard there… How about we start at the beginning and discover all about StarNode.     What on earth is Node.Js?   Our story starts with Node.Js and […]

Minority Report is real : we can now foresee crime

Minority Report is real : we can now foresee crime

1956: That was the year the book “Minority Report” was written by Philip K. Dick. 2019: That’s when it will become a reality. With the National Data Analytics Solution, welcome to the age of preventing crime before it happens. Maybe.     Preventing crime   “Minority Report” is a novel written by Sci-Fi author Philip K. Dick. […]

Imagining the future of food

Imagining the future of food

What will the future of food look like ? On the one hand, the world is facing a food crisis. Roughly 1 in 9 people lack enough food to eat, while pressures are mounting from population growth to climate change. At the other end of the spectrum, the developed world’s expectations are growing increasingly sophisticated. […]

Europe’s position on data protection: The story of a huge gap between ideal and reality

It is not always easy to see a clear line in the difficult relationship Europe maintains with its core values and data protection policies. The current development aims to point out contradictions on the European fight for increased data protection and to give a sense of responsibility to our governments when it comes to protecting […]

How a Scrabble champion reflects our new era of disruption

The Championnat Mondial de Scrabble Francophone (the French-language world Scrabble championship) crowned its winner last week: Nigel Richards. If that name doesn’t sound French to you, that’s because it isn’t. Nigel Richards hails from New Zealand. In fact, he doesn’t even know how to speak French! New Zealander wins French Scrabble Championship sounds like a […]

Big Data innovator Expernova wins the ‘Worldwide Innovation Challenge’

The worldwide innovation challenge that grew out the French government’s ‘Innovation 2030’ commission has come to a close, and Montpellier-based, Expernova has emerged as one of the big winners in the Big Data category. Started in 2008 by Pascal Magnier and Clément Penin, Expernova is a platform focused on the science and technology space, which provides any collaborators […]

How connected objects are predicting your next move

Building a connected object is usually seen as a hardware challenge. But in order for the object to be useful in real conditions, the software also has to be extremely well designed. Quite often, the interface that lets the user interact with the object is very limited by the nature itself of the object. One […]

Dataiku launches its Data Science Studio to make sense of Big Data

Analyzing big data (a $16.1 Billion market) requires skills that most companies lack. Dataiku, the Paris-based startup founded by Florian Douetteau (previously Exalead), Marc Batty, Thomas Cabrol and Cément Stenac, specializes in building predictive apps using big data. Today they are taking it a step further with the launch of their Data Science Studio. “We […]

Big data integration startup Talend closes $40 million round

One of the rising stars in the rapidly growing area of big data integration, Talend, has just closed on a big $40 million round, bringing the total amount of funds they’ve raised thus far to ~ $100 million.  Having raised several previous rounds from various investors (including, Silver Lake Sumeru, IDInvest, Galileo, Balderton, etc), Bpifrance, […]

Deolan takes off with 2,5M€ from CapHorn Invest

French company Deolan has just announced a new capital raise of 2,5M€ with CapHorn Invest. Operating in the complex business of aviation, Deolan has developed a platform to interconnect all the parties involved with air transportation. Airlines, passengers, airport operators, crew and other actors of the aviation value chain make up a tough problem to […]