Deolan takes off with 2,5M€ from CapHorn Invest

Deolan takes off with 2,5M€ from CapHorn Invest


French company Deolan has just announced a new capital raise of 2,5M€ with CapHorn Invest. Operating in the complex business of aviation, Deolan has developed a platform to interconnect all the parties involved with air transportation. Airlines, passengers, airport operators, crew and other actors of the aviation value chain make up a tough problem to solve – coordination. The developed platform links information from the multiple sources to better organize operations both on the air and on the ground.

Founded in 2007 by 3 operations specialists and 2 experts in supply chain Deolan creates the missing link between multiple elements to reduce delays in flights, and optimizes the information flow. With automated mechanisms to treat data the company reduces the resources needed to coordinate airlines and airport operators, making a more economical use of the logistics efforts while relieving bottleneck constraints.

The said investment from CapHorn Invest is targeted at growing Deolan’s international expansion and to increase its R&D power to further improve their services. Given the nature of the aviation business it’s a very attractive business for big data analysis companies, remains to be seen how successful will Deolan be around the globe in an ever increasing competitive market.