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Why the tech industry needs a labor/union movement

The trend in this latest labor activism started in early April 2021 when some Google workers said they were creating a union to fight injustices. This created some debates and confusion among onlookers.  For them, why would staff at a big tech company popular for free lunches and high salaries want a union? The move, […]

<strong>The UK’s Royal Mint New releases new coin designs for King Charles III</strong> 

The UK’s Royal Mint New releases new coin designs for King Charles III 

On Friday, the first coin featuring King Charles III was unveiled and would be pushed into public before the end of 2022. Other denominations would also be minted with the same image in 2023. The 50 pence coin shows a likeness of the British king designed by Martin Jennings, a British sculptor, who revealed it’s […]

These are the new updates and features coming to Google Maps.

These are the new updates and features coming to Google Maps.

Google announced on Thursday at its Search On the event that it plans to launch many new updates for Maps in the coming months. The company announced and called these upcoming launches Immersive View, Neighborhood Vibe, and Search With Live View. According to the company, all features and updates announced are part of efforts to […]

Coral, the Solana developer platform, raises $20M to design Web3’s iPhone

Coral, the Solana developer platform, has helped design dev tools for the Solana blockchain ecosystem.  On Wednesday, the firm announced it raised a $20 million strategic round headed by FTX Ventures and Jump Crypto, with Anagram, Multicoin Capital, K5 Global, and others participating. Coral aims to use the funds to launch a product known as […]

Why Germany is tightening control over industry with Russian oil grab 

Germany seized the local unit of a Russian oil major Rosneft PJSC as it aims to take control of its energy sector and secure supplies while severing years of high dependence on Russia for fuel.  The government, on Friday, declared it’s taking over Rosneft’s German unit, including its stakes in 3 oil refineries. This move […]

How France is using AI to find thousands of untaxed pools

France is witnessing its worst drought in history as the country’s tax authorities are now using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to find thousands of undeclared swimming pools. The country’s Federal authorities used software designed by Google and Capgemini, a consulting firm, to discover 20,356 former undisclosed pools since October 2021.  AI software was used to analyze […]

Ethereum Merge is complete, signaling the opening of a new period for the network.

The huge overhaul of Ethereum called the Merge is finally complete, pushing the digital machinery of the second-largest cryptocurrency to a much more energy-efficient system following years of delay and development. It wasn’t a small feast swapping out proof-of-work for another, known as proof-of-stake, but the payoff is massive, as Ethereum can now consume 99.9% […]

How Google and Meta were fined $71.8M for violating privacy laws in South Korea

On Wednesday, South Korea fined Google and Meta $71.8 million (100 billion KRW) for violating the privacy law in the country. The South Korean authorities said that Meta and Google didn’t receive legitimate or legal consent when collecting users’ information who visited their websites and used other websites and apps for customized ads. According to […]

Starbucks launches and details its Starbucks Odyssey, a blockchain-based loyalty platform and NFT community.

Starbucks officially introduced Starbucks Odyssey, which it plans to launch later in the year. This will be the platform’s first foray into building with web3 technology.  The new experience will combine the firm’s Starbucks Rewards loyalty program with an NFT platform, permitting its users to earn and buy digital assets that unlock premium rewards and […]

Sorry, Zuckerberg, the Metaverse Won’t Replace Zoom

Metaverse is becoming more popular as each day passes. The technology once designed for a small group is now shifting to broader use for the everyday home, work, and play. While it may seem like a far-off reality, Metaverse is closer than we think. In his year-in-review post termed Gates Notes, Bill Gates predicts that […]