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Connected Conference, free to the public tomorrow – sign-up now!

After two fantastic and inspiring days, we’re opening-up Connected Conference tomorrow, Saturday 30 May, for free to the general public. With 40+ billion connected objects set to come on-line by the end of the decade, now’s the time to understand how our connected future will come to pass. Over the past two days, we’ve had fantastic […]

Nokia to acquire Alcatel-Lucent for €15.6 billion

Nokia to acquire Alcatel-Lucent for €15.6 billion

Nokia announced late yesterday that they’ll be acquiring Alcatel-Lucent for €15.6 billion in an all stock deal.  The deal has been approved by the boards of both companies, but will still need the ‘final ok’ from various regulatory authorities. Combined sales of the new company will be approximately €26 billion/year. IoT The IoT space is increasingly a […]

Where do you buy while mobile? Another £2.5M for the mobile ecommerce platform

Where do you buy while mobile? Another £2.5M for the mobile ecommerce platform

  Shopcade is the go-to ecommerce platform that serves over 16.000 retailers and 150.000 brands. Using big data to fuel their discovery engine Shopcade is able to predict demand even before Amazon – a remarkable feat in itself. With Fancy-like features like wanting a product and tagging items to express different emotions towards products Shopcade […]

Alcatel-Lucent venture Nuage Networks unveils its SDN to compete with Cisco & VMWare

In recent months, there’s been a lot of buzz around the topic of Software-defined Networked (SDN), which, in short, allows admins to control networks of computers (like a fleet of Virtual Machines on,say, Amazon Web Services) “on the fly,” in order to manage where traffic is sent in this network. It has become a prettty […]

USA, Japan and France make up 85 of 2012 Top 100 Global Innovators

Thomson Reuters released their annual list of the Top 100 Global Innovators of 2012, and once again the USA, Japan & France have dominated the list, making up 85 of the 100 companies selected. Representing 47% of th list, USA continues to dominate in the IP market, up from 40% in 2011. Japan slipped from […]

Sprint to use Alcatel-Lucent to up its US coverage

Metros, planes and caves. These are the only places where I can enjoy a technology detox which exiles me from the 24/7 noise of global communications. But, Alcatel Lucent may want to change that. The Paris-headquartered telecom corporation recently entered into an agreement with Sprint to enhance network coverage in existing concentrated areas of traffic. […]