Sprint to use Alcatel-Lucent to up its US coverage


Metros, planes and caves. These are the only places where I can enjoy a technology detox which exiles me from the 24/7 noise of global communications. But, Alcatel Lucent may want to change that.
Sprint LogoThe Paris-headquartered telecom corporation recently entered into an agreement with Sprint to enhance network coverage in existing concentrated areas of traffic. Sprint is among the triad of mobile wireless carriers in the US, which includes AT&T and Verizon. Every time an iPhone is purchased someone has to play rock-paper-scissors for one of the above.

A Pin Drops in France

Sprint Pindrop AdSprint will try to compete with a radical Dare-to-Compare campaign to shed light on its anti-overage fees. However, Sprint’s biggest drawback is network coverage. With Alcatel-Lucent its new sucbcribers will access greater coverage along with the unlimited data plan.
Alcatel-Lucent will release its patented lightRadio Metro Cells to perform like tea-light candles during a Diwali festival. The cells will provide a broader network for users by being discretely installed in public areas like street signs and park benches. The technology will reduce infrastructure costs and provide an edge to Sprint’s service.
Despite the propitious forecast of the agreement, Alcatel-Lucent may be destined for either greatness or failure. As of last month there were reports of 5,000 jobs eliminations as a part of restructuring measure to cut operations costs. The second quarter opened with a drop in revenues amounting 3.545 billion euros.
This is of course is no matter to a Sprint subscriber- superior network coverage is like switching from broadband to of dial-up. I don’t care if there are fluorescent rhinestones on my iPhone, it needs internet!