Luke Chambers

Europe’s Militaries to Incorporate Swarming Drone Support

Drones are nothing new to warfare. UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) have been in operation during the last few wars including the aptly named Predator Drone . This was especially in post 9/11 operations. Initially used for surveillance, it did not take long for nations to start fixing missiles to them. This allowed them to act […]

French Tech Ticket Program Meets Continued Success

French Tech Ticket Program Meets Continued Success

  The ‘French Tech Ticket’ is a program by the French government to attract ‘gifted and ambitious individuals’ from all over the world. It wants to encourage them to settle in France. The reasons for this are obvious. France is battling to become Europe’s tech superpower. Attracting fresh new talent is a sure-fire way to […]

French Start-ups Win Dynamic Entry to Boston’s Medical Industry

French Start-ups Win Dynamic Entry to Boston’s Medical Industry

  Two French start-ups have won the ‘Paris Boston MedTech Award’. Awarded by the City of Boston and the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, this award recognizes their innovation and potential for entry to the US market. Part of an extremely successful medical company cluster within Paris, these young companies have achieved an extremely valuable […]

Why Facial Recognition Technology in Pornography is morally justifiable

Do you know Pornhub ? It’s essentially YouTube for pornography, for those of you pretending not to know what that is. And they’ve been using Artificial Intelligence to scan their pornography database. Essentially, they’ve trained an AI whose job it is to sit and watch the latest pornography all day every day.   Nice.   […]

The time for Self-Driving Lorries on UK Roads is now!

  The United Kingdom had promised this in 2014. Now it is the first nation to trial wide-spread use of self-driving commercial lorries. Automated lorry convoys Similar tests have taken part in the United States, Germany and Japan. Obviously, British roads will by their very nature provide the biggest challenge yet. British motorways are among […]

How Artificial Intelligence may be the answer to the Terror problem

Heavy toll Of all the European nations who have been the victims of terrorism, France has arguably been hit the hardest and the most frequently. It is something not many of us talk about, but it is a problem that cannot be ignored. Extremist attacks are on the rise, both in number of attacks and […]

What is FreeSense, and why might it create more problems than it solves?

Objects fitting the IoT (Internet of Things) definition present the challenge of balancing security with ease of use. Those who design and use them have been struggling to balance this equation. A recent discovery by researchers at Northwestern Polytechnical University, has potentially solved this problem. The IoT issues The problem with having all of your […]

Europe’s Brexit Brain Boom – How the British Talent Exodus is Christmas Come Early for EU Tech Industry

  The surprise vote   The UK’s shocking Brexit vote was a bolt from the blue for most of the world, who had expected the vote to go by far the other way. It shocked even those who had been instrumental in backing it. Suddenly they found themselves heading one of the most difficult diplomatic […]

France’s Tech Industry Rallies in Response to European Refugee Crisis

    Rebuilding shattered lives More and more refugees pour into Europe. They were forced from their homes due to the worst kinds of violence and danger imaginable, there have been a wide range of reactions. Failed by governments and mistrusted by many citizens in their new homes, there are yet more who have rallied […]

Air France Roll Dice on Millennial Market

  Joon, The High-Tech Air France subsidiary   Air France revealed plans this week for a new subsidiary, Joon. It will target the younger market of travellers in an increasingly digital world. In its statement, Air France said that Joon would be ‘especially aimed at young working clientele, the millennials (18 to 35 year olds), […]