[Interview] éolane's Regis Lauret "Today the wireless and wired protocols for M2M and IoT are a real jungle"

Image: Francois Hollande visits éolane. Source: JDD. There’s been a lot of discussion about the billions of connected objects which will come on-line over the next five years.  Much of these objects will not be those consumers interact with directly on a daily basis, but rather the in the Industrial IoT space, dramatically improving production […]

OuiShare, at the cutting edge of the Collaborative Society

OuiShare, at the cutting edge of the Collaborative Society

What started as an initiative spearheaded by a loosely connected group of social innovators across various countries, has become a phenomenon. A few years ago, OuiShare was seen as one of, if not the leading think tank (or rather ‘do tank’) on the Sharing Economy and their OuiShare Fest, as the can’t miss international event on the […]

Midemlab announces finalists, France dominates IoT category

Midemlab announces finalists, France dominates IoT category

Reed-Midem has just announced the finalists for the 2015 edition of its top startup competition Midemlab, which is organized this year into three categories:  Music Discovery, Recommendation & Creation, Marketing, Social Engagement & Monetisation Solutions, and Hardware/Internet of Things. Midemlab is celebrating its 8th year and, for its 2015 edition had entries from over 40 countries and posted a […]

Come on March 31st to help D-INCUBATOR celebrate its first 3 years!

In March 2012 Philippe Dapsens, ambassador and administrator of the Paris-Dauphine Foundation, successfully launched D-INCUBATOR, a 12-month incubator/accelerator program with the support of the Paris-Dauphine Foundation, Dauphine University, and its alumni. Having these three groups supporting and participating in various ways in making the program a success, D-INCUBATOR has brought a valuable new model to Paris’ […]

MWC Highlights Day 3: The 5G Debate and 4YFN's IoT startup competition

  There was a lot of news coming out of day 3 at Mobile World Congress.  Here are a some interesting highlights: The 5G Debate One big area of discussion was 5G, which continues to be a hotly debated topic. Not surprisingly, the Asian telco sector is clearly bullish on the transition to 5G, while other regions are more […]

MWC Highlights Day 2: Orange and Alcatel's $40 Klif, Innovation City and #FrenchTech

With Samsung again accounting for a big piece of the media buzz with their Galaxy S6 and Huawei announcing their entry in the race to be king of the fashionable, but techie smartwatch space, there was no shortage of big and, frankly, surprising news coming out of MWC day 2.  Here are some other things that stood […]

MWC 2015 Highlights Day 1: The Edge of Innovation

As with previous Mobile World Congresses, this year is bigger than the last. While the new Samsung Galaxy 6 (yes 6 already) is the big product launch this year, there are many other interesting developments and trends emerging at mobile’s biggest event of the year, perhaps adeptly taglined for 2015 ‘The Edge of Innovation’.  Here are […]

4YFN, mobile's top startup event, set to take center stage at Mobile World Congress

Last year was the first edition of 4 Years from Now (4YFN), Mobile World Capital Barcelona’s startup and mobile innovation event taking place concurrently with Mobile World Congress. With over 1k attendees and numerous big names of the global startup ecosystem, including Whats App’s Jan Koum, Waze’s Di-Ann Eisnor,and Doodle’s Myke Naef taking center stage as speakers, […]

Paris Founders Event alums ‘Where are they Now’: Niland

  At our PFE spring edition, Niland launched Siilar, one of these most effective music search tool for music professionals. Its big differentiator versus the other music services out there is its technology based on the music signal (”machine listening”) and not on meta data. So, as we mentioned last year, you can look for a […]

Lift, Europe's landmark innovation event kicks-off on 4-6 February

  Each February innovation and technology lovers from around the world descend on Geneva for Europe’s leading innovation conference, Lift. This year’s edition, Lift15, will undergo a shake-up from previous editions. Namely that a big theme for this year’s conference will be to ‘Jump out of the Conference room.’  As such, the cornerstone of Lift15 will […]