Pradeo raises Funds to combat Mobile Viruses


Mobile phones are listed as the most contaminated devices-1 in 6 are covered with fecal bacteria like E. Coli. What’s worse is that we also need to be hyper vigilant when it comes to our software viruses too!
Pradeo Security Systems has patented technologies which offer security solutions for mobile devices. The installation of integrated modules such as Firewall protection, anti-malware, IDS-IPS and ect. and a remote control platform provide a virtual security surveillance. The security gateway can be monitored in real-time so that users have a way of detecting risks and threats.
The Montreal headquartered corporation began in 2010 with a strategic funding strategy to target its sales network. They have reached one million euros in fundraising.
As they climb from just a handful of employees to 20 by next year, they seek to develop the products Smart Nomad Security, CheckMyApps Nomad, and PradaoKey.