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When #ParisFounders took over the Hotel de Ville

©Dan Taylor/Heisenberg Media   Wednesday October 28th was a milestone in the history of #ParisFounders. It’s been two years that we started this project in a random Parisian café and we couldn’t be happier or more proud to have made it to the Hotel de Ville. Special thanks go to Paris&Co, the economic development and […]

Bpifrance seizes growth for Small-Medium Enterprises with Big Data

Bpifrance seizes growth for Small-Medium Enterprises with Big Data

Despite the numerous benefits of Big Data, Small and Medium-sized Enterprise have yet to reap the values that most of larger organizations get out of the implementation of data analysis technology. To turn this situation around, Bpifrance is organizing an entire day (November 3rd) dedicated to big data for SMEs. We can all agree that […]

Is France prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to foster the innovation ecosystem it claims to want?

Is France prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to foster the innovation ecosystem it claims to want?

Open Innovation, the Year of Innovation, Young Innovative Enterprises, etc. we cannot stop talking about innovation. But we also should acknowledge that innovation comes with certain demands. For example, innovation requires flexibility. For companies to be innovative, they must be agile. Lack of agility is one of the reasons large established firms are caught flat-footed […]

Goldman Sachs invests €25 Million into Talentsoft's HR SaaS platform

At HR Tech World this week, Talentsoft announced they had raised €25 Million from Goldman Sachs. Talentsoft’s HR tools is already fueling 800 enterprise clients in 100 different countries, allowing HR teams to manage a total of 5 million employees. Fundraising History Founded in 2007, Talentsoft arrived at a very beginning of the digital transformation […]

Paris has grown up, and so have its Founders

This week is a week of reflection for me. Rude Baguette is turning four years old this Saturday (didn’t you ever wonder why our blog colors were orange & black?), and it seems clearer more than ever that the ideas we spoke about in the first article I ever wrote about why Rude Baguette was […]

5 Simple Hacks to Help You Sell More in the US

The following is a guest post from Jason McDonald, Director of StringCan Interactive Paris, StringCan Interactive is a digital strategy and consulting agency that helps European startups gain access to the US market, with offices in Scottsdale, Arizona and Paris. You can follow StringCan on twitter at @StringCanEU. The “Can I Work With This Guy?” Test […]

#ParisFounders Alumnus, DCbrain, wins ERDF SmartGrid first prize for BigData & Predictive Maintenance

#ParisFounders Event is only one week away and we can’t wait to meet the 5 startups that will launch on October 28th at the Hotel de Ville. For this edition we have received 49 applications and we are thrilled to start the selection tomorrow. Last July, DCbrain was one of the startups selected to launch on […]

AXA France launches its first insurance plan for the connected home

Welcome to the era of connected devices! The internet of things oasis is not a mirage, but a reality and it’s happening now. The way we engage with each other and the objects around us has incredibly changed. Connected homes, cars, or even health devices, now lay the foundation of today’s smart way of living. […]

Imagining the future of food

What will the future of food look like ? On the one hand, the world is facing a food crisis. Roughly 1 in 9 people lack enough food to eat, while pressures are mounting from population growth to climate change. At the other end of the spectrum, the developed world’s expectations are growing increasingly sophisticated. […]

Clustree raises €2.5 Million as its vision for Big Data in HR comes to life

You may have already heard of Clustree. You may even have an idea of what they do. Founder & CEO Benedicte de Raphélis Soissan has done a great job of getting her ( & her company’s) name & face out in the media early on – in fact, she’ll even tell you that she got […]