Goldman Sachs invests €25 Million into Talentsoft's HR SaaS platform

Goldman Sachs invests €25 Million into Talentsoft's HR SaaS platform
At HR Tech World this week, Talentsoft announced they had raised €25 Million from Goldman Sachs. Talentsoft’s HR tools is already fueling 800 enterprise clients in 100 different countries, allowing HR teams to manage a total of 5 million employees.

Fundraising History

Founded in 2007, Talentsoft arrived at a very beginning of the digital transformation of enterprise, promising that HR, too, would go the way of sales teams (CRMs), marketing teams (Social Media monitoring), accounting & other departments. Their first major round of funding in 2011 saw them grow into a successful business in France. In 2013, they raised €15 Million and grew to where they are today, a business with a majority of its revenue coming outside of France, operating with 300 team members across Europe.
Speaking with CEO Jean-Stéphane Arcis on the phone earlier this week, it was clear that this latest round of funding will take them from European leader to global player. This will be Goldman Sachs’ first European SaaS investment – a big move for both Goldman Sachs & TalentSoft – and will open up Goldman Sach’s address book to TalentSoft. Arcis admitted that the first step will be to solidify their European leadership; however, US expansion is on the roadmap. Also on the roadmap are 120 hires in 2016, €100 million in annual revenue in 2018 (up from a projects €29 Million in 2015), presence in 12 countries, and R&D to keep pushing the limits of HR tools.