AXA France launches its first insurance plan for the connected home

AXA France launches its first insurance plan for the connected home


Welcome to the era of connected devices!
The internet of things oasis is not a mirage, but a reality and it’s happening now.
The way we engage with each other and the objects around us has incredibly changed. Connected homes, cars, or even health devices, now lay the foundation of today’s smart way of living. And it is about time that the insurance industry adapt to the digital wave.
AXA France is not new to the connected world, after the partnership with Withings for their health insurance and the “Pay as you drive” insurance proposed by Direct Assurance, branch of AXA, they are now announcing their “Connected Home”, a service addressed to clients who own or wish to buy connected objects to better protect their house against intrusion and fire.image006
The offer includes a series of prevention systems and alert services available on a designed application “My AXA”. In case of an alert, customers can use the services of AXA Assistance to dispatch a security guard on site. With “Connected Home”, AXA France wants to encourage its customers to self-monitor their homes. To be able to create this smart insurance network, AXA France partnered with connected objects manufacturers with whom their team operates in an open ecosystem based on APIs. With this offer, not only customers benefit from the latest technological innovations but also can take advantage of its preferential rates (14,90€ a month seems a fair deal) with the possibility of use it even just for a weekend (3,90€).
The items in the offer range from video surveillance and intrusion sensors, proposed by MyFox and Kiwatch, to smoke detectors and smart plugs, proposed by Orange, or connected lights that can simulate a presence, produced by Philips.

” Smart objects are a great opportunity to better exercise our profession in 3 dimensions: risks prevention, assistance when disaster strikes and customization of our products to properly match the needs of our customers. We need to stick to the core of our business: protection. ” – explains Antoine Denoix, Digital and CRM Director.