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Whistleblowing as a remedy to the lack of institutional transparency?

Whistleblowing, the act of exposing any kind of information which is deemed illegal or dishonest within a public or private organisation, seems more and more to become an effective remedy to fight the lack of transparency within institutions. If the act of whistleblowing exists since several centuries, a first Whistleblower Protection Law being passed not […]

Go global at B Dash Camp!

Go global at B Dash Camp!

This year the Fall Edition of B Dash Camp will take place in Kyoto, on September 17th and 18th. B Dash Camp is a summit which brings together tech leaders and startups from inside and outside the Japan to springboard their businesses globally with sessions, lectures and networking with both local and international company founders […]

France reprimands 13 dating sites for misuse of user data

France reprimands 13 dating sites for misuse of user data

The CNIL, France’s independent data protection organization, has released a document outlying 13 dating sites who have received a formal reprimand from CNIL regarding their use of user data. In the published release, the CNIL states that 8 companies which operate 13 dating websites were inspected and found to have broken several user data laws – […]

Little Big Data, bringing data-driven storytelling to advertising

It is clear that adtech has profoundly changed the way the advertising industry works. Although distribution of ad spend has yet to align with consumers’ behaviours and, more specifically, varied device usage, adtech has been particularly powerful in helping advertisers get the most out of their online ad spend.  With the rise of programmatic advertising, […]

If I could travel back in time, I'd…

How would you complete this sentence? It’s deep summer here in Europe right now, so let’s hold a little creative thought experiment. Imagine you met someone with a time machine that could help you travel backward in time to a single point earlier in your life. What would you do? To which point in time […]

Until now there is only one Slack client for Windows Phone, and it’s French!

Sometimes things develop faster than anticipated. When I reached out to Florian Rousselet for an interview about his Slack client for Windows Phone, I had the information that Slack would need more time to come up with something of their own. Last Wednesday they tweeted me that they had “uncovered some performance issues in their […]

Google's clash with France on "right to be forgotten" raises questions about the limits of Sovereignty online

After the European Union courts ruled last year that Google must oblige certain requests by European citizens to be delisted, subsequently called the “right to be forgotten,” Google has responded to a follow-up request by France’s data privacy council (CNIL), stating that it will not delist individual search results on a global scale. In its […]

HP partners with Sculpteo to 3D Print creations by designers

Sculpteo announced this week a new partnership with HP that will see HP’s latest designer-oriented computer, the Sprout, plugged in with Sculpteo to enable designers to easily 3D Print their designs. Sprout, which currently retails for $1,899.99, is part of HP’s bigger push into the design world, having announced in October 2014 their foyer into […]