HP partners with Sculpteo to 3D Print creations by designers

HP partners with Sculpteo to 3D Print creations by designers


Sculpteo announced this week a new partnership with HP that will see HP’s latest designer-oriented computer, the Sprout, plugged in with Sculpteo to enable designers to easily 3D Print their designs.
Sprout, which currently retails for $1,899.99, is part of HP’s bigger push into the design world, having announced in October 2014 their foyer into the 3D printing industry. For now, their first 3D Printer is expected to launch in 2016; however, HP isn’t waiting to get into the design & 3D world.
Sculpteo, which is a regular award-winner at CES, has doubled-down on their vision for the future of 3D Printing, having announced the opening of their first 3D Printing factories last year. At the time, I was harsh on them for backing away from their B2C strategy, though in hindsight it seems that the channel distribution strategy for their skill set – mass production using 3D printers – has played out well for them. Sculpteo currently has clients all around the world, and does 50% of its revenue outside of France (25% in the United States alone). Beyond your basic plastic additive printing, Sculpteo provides printing services in 45 different materials, and is currently staffing up in San Francisco with a suite of open job offers.