If I could travel back in time, I'd…

If I could travel back in time, I'd…

How would you complete this sentence?

It’s deep summer here in Europe right now, so let’s hold a little creative thought experiment.

Imagine you met someone with a time machine that could help you travel backward in time to a single point earlier in your life. What would you do? To which point in time would you return?

The only ground rules for this extraordinary opportunity are:

  • You can only do this once
  • You can only return to a point earlier in your life, not back in time before you were born (as this would have devastating effects on the space-time continuum, of course).

Feel free to send me your answers by email or twitter. I will compile them anonymously and revisit this topic in a future post. If you would like to be named, please specify that; otherwise I will assume you wish to remain anonymous.