Deezer to host Code in the Dark, Carlsberg & AlloResto will pick up the tab!

Deezer to host Code in the Dark, Carlsberg & AlloResto will pick up the tab!

Deezer Sessions

Last week, we announced a new era in developer eventsCode in the Dark – and the reactions have been phenomenal. We’ve received emails from 17 year-old coders, from startups, from universities, and had buzz all over the world around the event, and we’re excited today to reveal just a little more about this event. We will be hosting the event at Deezer‘s brand new headquarters, conveniently painted all black, and we promise the evening will be musical and whimsical.

Carlsberg has graciously agreed to “lose a truckload of beer,” and AlloResto will be ordering food for developers all night.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again: developers need an event that puts them at the forefront. Code in the Dark will pit developers against each other in a friendly, social environment. We’re already seeing coworkers sign up to support their team members – in some cases entire startup dev teams are signing up, competing or just attending.

No event is complete without awesome prizes, and I’ll say it here: we are going to give away things you touch & tinker with; however, no one knows better what we should give away to winners. A new Ubuntu Edge? An Adobe smart stylus? We’ve got the means, and we mean to give away great prizes to great coders!


If you’d like to support Code in the Dark by giving away hardware, developer events tickets, or something you think developers will love, contact us at