Let Mention’s iPhone app keep track of Social Media while you are on vacation

Let Mention’s iPhone app keep track of Social Media while you are on vacation

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As Summer ramps up, you may be telling yourself you’re going to go dark, cut yourself off from the internet entirely, or just leave your smartphone in your bedroom and hop on a plane; that’s likely due in part to the fact that checking in once a week can easily turn into a full day’s work as you try weed through one week’s worth of emails and one week’s worth of mention’s on twitter, articles about your startup, and pokes on Facebook.

Mention thinks that its “anti-noise technology,” sentimental analysis, and Google Alert-like tracking of social media activity can help you stay in touch while you disconnect. Their most recent iPhone app update has brought a lot of nifty tools for keeping track of your social media activity in real-time, and in order to back up just how efficient they are, the startup is giving away a free pro-account (valued at $199) to select users who take a picture of themselves using Mention while on vacation. Just post a photo of you using mention on the beach to their Facebook page, or mention @mentionapp with bags packed at the airport using the service, and you’ll be eligible to win a pro account, which allows you to track 10,000 mentions per month, set up to 20 alerts, receive real-time updates, and track across up to 5 languages.

Personally, I’ve tried Mention on & off in the past, and it hasn’t stuck with me; however, since they released the v3.0 of Mention, I’ve been tempted to give Hootsuite the month off and try out Mention. While Hootsuite used to serve both as my monitor and my social media posting dashboard, actors like IFTTT and Buffer, along with a few WordPress Plugins, have made it easier to automate posting without annoying readers, and the role of monitoring has become a bit more priority.

If you’ve tried out Mention, let us know what you think – if I ever take a vacation, maybe i’ll give it a try, too.