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Mobile payments provider Flashiz hedges bets with its NFC- and QR-compatible technology

Back in April, I met up with Luxembourg-based startup Flashiz during The NextWeb conference to talk about how they were going to squeeze into the tightly fit online payments space. As one of the first certified electronic money institutes in Europe (admittedly, like 50% of online payments startups), Flashiz’ solution hopes to offer merchants a […]

Contract Live launches next-gen contract management platform with in-app negotiations

Contract Live launches next-gen contract management platform with in-app negotiations

As a quick caveat, I did a bit of consulting work for Contract Live over one year ago, because I thought they had an awesome product. I received a general press release for this announcement and thought it newsworthy. Contract Live has launched an updated version of its Contract Management platform, and has rolled out […]

Drawing conclusions from the Yahoo-Dailymotion affair – what does it all mean?

Drawing conclusions from the Yahoo-Dailymotion affair – what does it all mean?

What a week. I thought most certainly that François Hollande’s announcement of 10 pro-business measures for France would have made international news, but of course, like the great ugly PR machine that France is, they managed to put the spotlight on something else during that very same week – Yahoo walking away from a possible $200M investment […]

SalesClic launches real-time forecast accuracy & announces US partnership

One big thing that frustrates many businesses is getting a good read on the reliability of their sales forecasts. Nimble Apps announced this week the launch of a Confidence Level feature in their sales forecasting and analysis application SalesClic which will help businesses address these problems. The new Confidence Level feature enables users to understand how reliable their […]

Adyen brings its global payments solution in stores with POS to blend online & offline

Last week at The Next Web, I met up with global payments player Adyen, who has been enabling eCommerce sites like Mango & Groupon to accept payments from all around the world. The space is heating up, and with Adyen having already processed $10 Billion + in transactions as of 2012, their recent launch of […]

Bunkr launches its Powerpoint killer to get rid of the ‘blank page’ syndrome

Last week, a new startup Bunkr launched the beta version of its presentation software, which hopes to solve the “blank page” problem. While its cloud presentation technology is similar to that of startups like, which recently wowed judges at The Next Web Conference, where it really stands apart is its storage side. The product […]

[Interview] ReputationVIP, looking to improve e-reputations around the globe

The online reputation management market has exploded in recent years. Although somewhat ignored or looked down-upon, managing one’s reputation online is becoming increasingly important. Public figures and large corporations have been the first to tackle head-on the headaches that can arise from negative content and buzz online.  But, with the rise of social media, forums […]

Google+ Sign will now enable in-app activities to appear in Google search results

What’s cooler than being a social network? Being a Sign-in button. It seems these days that I don’t have any accounts anymore – and I love it – I just connect my social networks and boom, they know my name, my photo, and probably a few things I wouldn’t have explicitly given to them otherwise, […]

Blackbox Connect partners with Google for Entrepreneurs to bring global entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley this Summer

The Atherton mansion will welcome yet another group of global entrepreneurs looking to break into the Silicon Valley – Blackbox Accelerator announced that they are partnering with Google for Entrepreneurs, a program which works to empower entrepreneurs around the world to be successful, to receive applicants from all over the world. For Blackbox Connect, a two-week […]

Has Yahoo walked away from the Dailymotion deal? Might this be good news?

The WallStreetJournal reported early this morning that Yahoo is no longer interested in the Dailymotion purchase. News of the potential deal began months ago with rumors, and as things progressed, it became more and more clear that the “international partner” that Orange was looking to offload its stake in Dailymotion on was Yahoo. This week, […]