SalesClic launches real-time forecast accuracy & announces US partnership

SalesClic launches real-time forecast accuracy & announces US partnership


One big thing that frustrates many businesses is getting a good read on the reliability of their sales forecasts. Nimble Apps announced this week the launch of a Confidence Level feature in their sales forecasting and analysis application SalesClic which will help businesses address these problems.

The new Confidence Level feature enables users to understand how reliable their sales forecasts are by analyzing their past sales and forecasting performance, their current pipeline, and taking into account the point they’re at in the quarter. Most of the time, pipeline analysis and estimation is largely a manual process and often an educated guessing game. So, adding a more rigorous, data analysis aspect to the process will be a real game changer for many. Customers using ‘SalesClic for Salesforce’ will get even more value out of the new feature as it will apply to both SalesClic’s data-based forecasts and Salesforce’s weighted pipeline and forecast categories.

Speaking about the innovative new feature, Nimble App CEO Thomas Oriol adds:

“Forecast accuracy is always relative and depends on timing. It’s much harder to predict revenue forecasts 80 days before the end of the quarter than it is 10 days before. Sales teams need a clear and concise view into their revenue forecasts at any time and Confidence Levels will provide clarity that has not been available before.”

Nimble Apps also announced that they are partnering with consultancy GTR (Global Tech & Resources, Inc) in order to strengthen and grow their position in the US. Having announced a partnership with EuroSys-IT to exapand in Benelux late last year, it looks like partnerships will continue to be an important part of their strategy to drive their international growth.