Google+ Sign will now enable in-app activities to appear in Google search results

Google+ Sign will now enable in-app activities to appear in Google search results

soundcloud-feature (1)What’s cooler than being a social network? Being a Sign-in button. It seems these days that I don’t have any accounts anymore – and I love it – I just connect my social networks and boom, they know my name, my photo, and probably a few things I wouldn’t have explicitly given to them otherwise, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay for convenience. Google+ has long since been the ugly duckling in this sense, as I have plenty of Twitter- and Facebook-connected accounts, but Sign in with Google has always been left to email clients. The feature launched back in February, but, in a very Google-y way, has taken its time in taking off with the masses.

Well folks, that’s all changing.

The Google+ Developers Blog announced this week that they will be rolling out a killer feature for Google+ Sign-in – integrating your app with Google+ Sign In now means more attention on Google Search. This has always been Google’s not-so-secret way of getting big players (and Rude Baguette) to jump on board – for Google+ Sign-in, users searching for, say, SoundCloud (one of the new feature partners), will not only see link results for Soundcloud – news,photos, static links, etc. – not only will they see Soundcloud’s Google+ profile on the right, but now they’ll see SoundCloud’s In-App activity for people that you (the searcher) have in your circles.

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Upon launch, in addition to Soundcloud and Fandango (seen above), Google is rolling this out with  DeezerFlixsterSlacker RadioSongza, and TuneIn.