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In 2012, Mobile service prices dropped 11% due to Free Mobile (of course)

Free’s entry into the mobile space continues to profoundly transform the French mobile space. According to 2012 figures from ARCEP, mobile contract prices in France dropped 11,4% in 2012 pretty much entirely due to the Free effect. This drop was consistent when looking at mobile contract pricing (with engagement), which declined 12%. For mobile services […]

“Why trademarks are important for startups” OR “How SEOMoz sent us a takedown notice.”

“Why trademarks are important for startups” OR “How SEOMoz sent us a takedown notice.”

The following post is a guest post by Anji ISMAIL, co-founder & CEO of DOZ, which provides Search, Social Media, and Content Marketing through a community of multi-localized experts. You can follow him @anjismail. This story about our own experience aims to avoid other startups getting into the same troubles. Always register your trademark! A […]

Orange ratchets up mobile battle with Free with launch of new Sosh quadruple play offer

Orange ratchets up mobile battle with Free with launch of new Sosh quadruple play offer

Orange’s ultra-low cost mobile brand Sosh is now being extended into Free’s most profitable territory, fixed internet service. Orange announced this week that they will soon be launching a new quadruple play, non-engagement offer under the Sosh brand, including mobile, internet, TV and telephone service. The price of the offer will vary between 34.90€ – 54.90€ […]

With 700K€ from Alven Capital, KelDoc launches an iOS app to schedule appointments with your doctor

Fresh off a seed round investment of 700K€ from Alven Capital, Paris-based KelDoc has released an iPhone App allowing users to quickly find a doctor in their neighborhood. The first version of the launch is available for just the Paris region, and focuses specifically on dentists, but the value added is quite apparent from the first […]

[Infographic] oDesk study reveals freelance habits, including combatting the European crisis

oDesk have released a study with Millennial Branding showing surprising results about the users of their platform, which allows freelancers and employers to find each other. The study looked at 3,000 freelancers, as well as examining both employer and freelancer data (number of hours billed, amount paid out to freelancers, etc.), and found some interesting results. […]

Here are New York City’s 10 Hottest French Startups

There is no place as intense as NYC. When I asked Tony Haile (Chartbeat's CEO) for a meeting last week, he told me his schedule was full to the nose but he suggested that we went instead for a business jog. At 6.30am. This work hard, play hard, run early mentality is very well suited to startups, where the first few years require a tremendous amount of energy to put things off the ground. If you add to that the superior

Viadeo appoints Kewego founder Michel Meyer as new Managing Director

With over 50 million users worldwide, a big leap in traffic last year due to their success on mobile, their rapid expansion in emerging markets, and increased acquisition activity, Viadeo’s evolution has been looking a lot more interesting as of late. However, to finally break-out of LinkedIn’s shadow (200 million users to Viadeo’s 50 million) […]

Dassault Systèmes hands over $205M to acquire California-based 3D Design Software maker Apriso

Dassault Systèmes announced today that it has acquired California-based Apriso, which provides manufacturing software solutions, for $205M, in order to enrich its 3DEXPERIENCE platform. The acquisition will allow Dassault to expand its offerings “across multiple industries, such as consumer goods, packaged goods, high-tech, life sciences, transportation & mobility, aerospace & defense and industrial equipment.” “This acquisition […]

Crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank launches their next product, HelloMerci, for not-so micro loans

KissKissBankBank has long been a success story of the French startup world – its crowdfunding platform for creative projects is doing well, and their business model is working well for them – revenue from the projects themselves (they keep a percentage), plus sponsorship. When we spoke to them for the first time, CEO Vincent Ricordeau […]

Mobile ebook producer Gutenberg Technology raises another €2 miliion round

Breaking today in Journal du Net Gutenberg Technology, which is the parent company of digital book platform, announced that they just closed on a new €2 million round with a group of angel investors. This €2 million comes on the heels of a €2.2 million round that they raised last year. This additional funding […]