Why Web2Day’s Startup Contest is a great opportunity for startups and investors alike

Why Web2Day’s Startup Contest is a great opportunity for startups and investors alike


This year’s Web2Day Startup Contest seeks not only to surpass the success of last year’s, but also to deliver a higher value experience for both startups and VCs/Investors alike. In order to design and execute this year’s edition, Atlantic 2.0 has partnered with Company Campus. Company Campus, who identify themselves as a ‘self incubator’ and, according to cofounder Florian Herveou, have plans to evolve into a private accelerator, want to ensure that this year’s contest achieves two main objectives:  1. To make sure that as many startups as logistically possible have the opportunity to get in front of real investors and 2. To give investors access to high-potential, qualified startups, potentially giving them a new source of deal flow. In order to achieve this, Company Campus and Atlantic 2.0 have designed an innovative program which is rooted in the following main points:

logo web2day 2012 (squarred)1. Approximately 40 startups to pitch in front of a jury and audience of investors:  Instead of limiting participation to a select set of 8-10 (or fewer) startups, which is often the case at startup competitions, approximately 40 will be selected to pitch in front of a jury and audience of investors. In order to get into the top 40, interested startups will need to apply by April 29th by completing a ‘Business Model Canvas’, a 400 word max pitch, and, a video Vine to present your startup in 6 seconds (as inspired by Mashable).  Yes, 6 seconds. 🙂

2. Real-time matching of VC/Investors and startups:  All investors will receive a packet that has information on the 40 participating startups. From this information, they will be asked to highlight those that are of interest to them. Company Campus will then organize virtual and in-person introductions and set up meetings between the interested parties over the two days of the conference.

3. VC/Investors and startup networking opportunities:  The organizers will also host a networking cocktail exclusively for investors and the 40 participating startups. This event offers startups and VCs another opportunity to get in front of each other.

4. 10 startups selected to pitch in the final: The jury will ultimately select 10 finalists from the 40 participants to pitch on the main stage, from which one winner will be crowned.

Startups can do their initial pitches in either French or English, but should also be ready to pitch in English as they’ll be required to do so in the final (if selected). In addition, one of the key goals of the organizers is that the contest be pan-European, so inclusive of startups and investors from across Europe. Obviously an English language pitch will help to increase startups’ visibility with international investors attending the conference, so an important point to keep in mind.

Web2Day’s Startup Contest looks to be a great opportunity to increase exposure and visibility for your startup. So, if you’d like to participate, make sure to apply here by April 29th!