BetAdvisor cracks the code on bet tipsters


Bet Advisor LogoIn the world of sports betting, there’s nothing better (no pun intended) than having a tipster you trust. He knows which horse has an odd-on advantage, whether Arsenal will beat Manchester United (seriously the only two soccer teams I know in Europe – and I still call it Europe). I don’t know much about sports betting – I don’t much about sports teams, to be honest – but I do know that, like any betting, it’s all about the odds. Paris-based BetAdvisor has taken bet advising to a whole new level, not only bringing together some of the best European tipsters across Basketball, Baseball, Soccer & more, but allowing you to track their progress, and see how good their tips really are.
BetAdvisor attracts tipsters by allowing budding tipsters to submit tips on Tipster Academy, which are then verified. If, overtime, their track record is good enough, they are invited to become tipsters on BetAdvisor, where premium members (who pay €99/month) pay to get tips from tipsters who they follow sent to them the minute their uploaded. Because these tips often come in hours or even minutes before a match begins, getting first-hand access to these tips can be the difference between good odds and bad, or even missing a bet.
Because members pay upwards of €1000 per year, this site isn’t meant for your casual better. That being said, BetAdvisor’s subscription program guarantees that if the tips you follow aren’t producing an overall trend of positive gains – that is to say, if betting on all of the tips you follow wouldn’t produce a profit – they will continue your subscription for free until the tips prove profitable. I don’t think there have been many requests to do that so far. The convenience is that when you’re shopping for new tipsters, you can see how their tips have fared over the past few months – so you wouldn’t choose a loser, right?
BetAdvisor is currently working on a few new product lines that will be meant for the general public. They offer a 7-day free trial, and for all you closet sports fans, you can sign up at Tipster Academy to test your skills.