Join Rude Baguette for our 1st ever G+ Hangout On Air!


Google+ Hangouts On AirFor the longest time I’ve wanted to interview some of the most innovative members of the French startup community, but I really didn’t want to invest in the total package video  studio. While sometimes I wanted to interview entrepreneurs about their startups, often I just wanted the global startup scene to get a feel for what French entrepreneurs, investors, and startupers are like in France. After months of day-dreaming about high-teh editing software, I came up with my simple answer – Google+ On-Air Hangouts.
The concept is pretty cool: you create an event on Google+, like this one, which acts just like Facebook events; except, in these events, there is no location, only a Google+ Hangout URL that will appear once the event starts. Attendees can watch live the hangout, in this case between myself and Allmyapps CEO & co-founder Thibauld Favre, and you can request to join in the hangout to ask questions, or you can participate by chat.
For those of you who aren’t available Thursday November 8th at 3:30 PM (GMT+2), once the event has terminated, a YouTube video will automatically be created, allowing you to re-watch the entire talk. In short: G+ On Air Hangout = Livestream + Skype + YouTube.
I will be doing this every week – I’ve already lined up November’s guests, but feel free to email us at to request to be a guest. This first event will feature, as mentioned above, Thibauld Favre, CEO & Co-founder of Allmyapps. We will be chatting a bit about Windows 8, a bit about France Digitale, a bit about the state of funding in France, and we’ll also be taking on any questions from participants.
Be sure to add the event to your Google Calendar, done automatically when you attend the event. You can also add Rude Baguette to your circles on the right of the page, or just check out our Rude Baguette page.

Update: Great talk with Thibauld, and thanks to those who watched live and to those who asked questions on the event page. We’ll announce next week’s guest on Monday!