Rejoignez Une Startup! 45 Funded French Startups offer 140 jobs 09/22


If you’ve just landed in France, or have just landed on this site, today is your lucky day: RejoignezUneStartup (“Join a Startup”) is the event not only for job seekers, but for entrepreneurs looking to see what’s going on in France. This no-bullshit job fair has brought together 45 startups, whom, from my first glance, are all funded enough to actually pay a salary, who are offering 140 jobs, most of which are developer jobs.
The event has been co-organized by VoitureLib & Capitaine Train, two startups ripe off of a fundraising round – and I’ve been told they have decided to organize the event at the advice of Martin Mignot of Index Ventures. Among the amazing startup line-up are a few familiar faces:

  1. Nantes-based Lengow whom we’ve yet to write about, but will certainly be doing so in the near future.
  2. Work4Labs, who just raised $11M to continue their Facebook recruitment platform. They are based in SF & in Paris, so are a great opportunity for Frenchies looking to get some US exposure, as well as Californians looking for a gateway into Paris.
  3. Withings: the kings of connected devices, their Smart Body Scale, Smart Blood Pressure Monitor, and Smart Baby Monitor sit on the top of Apple’s most purchased app-enabled device chart. We recently wrote about how they will be a much-welcomed presence at LeWeb this year, whos theme is the Internet of Things.
  4. Quite a few LeCamping graduates: Infinit, Babble Planet, Qunb (who’s statistical-data search engine we wrote about a few months back) social shopping app Skerou, semantic search engine Mesagraph, as well as some current LeCamping startup Poutsch.
  5. VoitureLib: this peer-to-peer car sharing service just raised €2 Million to take their industry leading service to the next level, and perhaps even to its next market.

There are many more startups attending these events, like crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank, Capitaine Train, and event feedback startup Balloon (who just changed its name to Wisembly to attack a more corporate market), but needless to say I have something to say about almost every one of these companies (namely, that i’d love to work with them if I could), and the rest, well, I’ll be introducing myself at the event.
It’s also worthy to note that 4 of the 6 startups who are sponsoring the event – Mailjet, TextMaster, PressKing and Mention – are startups that Thibaud Elziere, co-founder of Fotolia, has invested in. Not sure what to make of that, but he’s definitely someone to watch.