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Does France needs its own JOBS Act?

Here in France, we're seeing evidence of a similar surge in interest in early-stage deals.

The Disruption and Renewal of Sakura

The Disruption and Renewal of Sakura

As style entrepreneur and design authority Tyler Brûlé once astutely observed, it’s always a good time to visit Tokyo. I had the honor of spending the past week there on a business trip, which by stroke of good fortune, coincided with a week of cherry blossoms (sakura) in full bloom. Appreciation of the fleeting moment […]

Reading into ISAI's Second Fund

Reading into ISAI's Second Fund

ISAI recently announced the raising of a second funded, with the mandate of investing in economically stable internet companies.

Registration Open || Startup Weekend Paris May 25th!

With the amazing success of Startup Weekend’s special edition last weekend, registration opens today for the NEXT Startup Weekend. The event will be 50% developers, 25% designers, and 25% Non-Technical (i.e: Biz Guys), with an emphasis put on putting the Action back into the Startup Weekend motto “no talk. all action.” You can catch a great […]

Recruiting a developer in France [SERIES 2/4] – Writing the perfect job profile

In part one, we talked about the job interview. Today, let’s talk about writing the perfect job profile. To get quality candidates, you want to go through this slowly and thoroughly – you’ll save time in the long run. Not all developers are the same. When you’re recruiting a new developer, you’re going to have […]

RUDE VC – Warning! this blog post is unrealistically optimistic

I don’t think a week goes by in our office without at least one fundraising pitch employing some variation of the phrase, “These financial projections are conservative.” I understand the well-meaning intent. The entrepreneur’s objectives are often twofold: i) convey us that the market potential for the given startup is enormous; and ii) convince us […]