Registration Open || Startup Weekend Paris May 25th!


With the amazing success of Startup Weekend’s special edition last weekend, registration opens today for the NEXT Startup Weekend. The event will be 50% developers, 25% designers, and 25% Non-Technical (i.e: Biz Guys), with an emphasis put on putting the Action back into the Startup Weekend motto “no talk. all action.”
You can catch a great wrap-up (I say ‘great’ because I wrote it) of last weekend’s event, but I’ll try to give a quick one-sentence run-on summary: Over 80% developers/designers spent 54 hours (some never even went home!) at DojoBoost Accelerator Program creating great demos and businesses, with winners including a dating site / stalker-app , drag-and-drop file-sharing, and family-friendly smartphone apps for tourist attractions. *breath*
Eventbrite - Startup Weekend Paris | May 25th-27th
The pricing for the last event caused a few head-turns – with Biz Guy tickets priced at 200 euros – however, it was pretty exciting to see how they faired. Without naming names, I know that two of the winning teams contained participants who had felt that the startup weekend experience was worth the price – and we had enough startups clawing at the doors during the weekend hoping to get some networking time in. For this upcoming event, we’ve decided to even things out: Developer and Designer tickets will cost 60 euros (only 40 euros for students who put in promo code “STUDENT”) and Non-Technical tickets will be 80 euros, or 60 euros for students. We have limited the ticket sales to 80 people, so you’ll definitely want to get your tickets now!

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  1. Pierre Chapuis

    Do you get enough designers? I would consider lowering the price for designers even more.
    Also, how do you check people don’t cheat on what they really are (ie. biz guys don’t pretend they’re devs / designers)?

    • Liam Boogar

      We get plenty of designers – check out SpreadPie (who changed their name to YummyCharT) – that was done by a student designer. As was TravellingDucks’ iOS app. 
      If you would like to meet the designers, you’ll have to buy a ticket, though. No tickets or spaces for non-startupweekenders to come

    • Pierre Chapuis

      YummyCharT is nice. I just remember that at the last SWPA I went to
      there were really few designers (maybe 10%). That didn’t shock me since
      it reflects my view of the job market: developers may be hard to find
      but designers are even rarer. That was more than a year ago though, so
      I’m glad it appears to have changed for the better.

    • Liam Boogar

      You can read our previous articles on RB or on the SWParis site about this – we’ve spent a lot f energy to reverse this trend, and this last event has done just that.
      I should note that, while designers are rare and valuable, the punt of value they can demonstrate, or more importantly, the amount of fun they can have and creativity they can pour into a project, in 54 hours, is very limited.
      LeCamping tried to address this problem by hosting a design hackathon – I’m not sure what the turnout was like, but I suspect it wasn’t incredible, as I haven’t heard much about a second edition.
      If you were doubtful of Startup Weekend in the past, I suggest you buy your tickets early. They will sell out fast, and as we announce more and more mentors, jury members, and CASH prizes, you will kick yourself for having waited.

  2. Simon Watiau

    A stalker-app?! Ho, come on. I would rather say “A clever way to address the egg and chicken problem a new dating site/app would have”.
    Anyway, it was a great event and in my opinion the percentage of devs/designers/biz-guys leads to well balanced teams and some really good prototypes (check out @dropdock for instance!).
    Btw, here is my Storify story and a pearltree from the event with what I wanted (read, what I was able) to keep.

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