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iMC Mobile hits other Cell Providers where it hurts – their roaming prices

With SFR switching CEOs while Xavier Niel’s Free Mobile sweeps France, it’s hard to imagine how this space could be disrupted even more – when iMC Mobile told me they were tackling the Telcom Space from France, I was a little shocked. Free Mobile has clearly taken a bite out of the domestic market, but […]

Loic & Geraldine announce LeWeb London theme: "Faster than Realtime"

Loic & Geraldine announce LeWeb London theme: "Faster than Realtime"

Checking in from Coachella today, Loic & Geraldine announced their theme for LeWeb London – Faster than Real Time. Drawing inspiration from Jeremiah Owyang (most likely from this blog post). Citing Highlight and Voxer as examples, the theme discusses being ‘fast’ in two senses – not only connecting people quicker than ever, but the entrepreneurial swiftness […]

Rude VC: The easy money period (relatively)

Rude VC: The easy money period (relatively)

In France we’re now entering what I think of as the “easy money period” for startups. The easy money period begins roughly around April 15 (purely coincidentally, the U.S. tax filing deadline) and runs until June 15 (the French wealth tax filing deadline, and that’s no coincidence). To be fair, fundraising in a startup is […]

The (QUICK) Rise of Social Gifting in France

A while back I spoke about the rise of social shopping in France – three french companies with relative amounts of funding are all working on making the smartphone a perfect companion to shopping: grocery lists, coupons and reminders all on the phone. The subject interested me, because I still write down my grocery lists […]

Mapenda looks to connect brands to customers via calendars

This month, Mapenda launched its custom Calendar application in France. The service allows brands to create custom themes for calendars, allowing them to integrate their events calendars with your own. The product, developed by founder & CEO Sophia Burnett, the application looks to revolutionize how we organize our agendas, while allowing for easier communication between […]

European Pirate Summit is a Must-Attend Conference this September

A little under a year ago, before the Rude Baguette had sprung from its cocoon, I attended one of my first startup events in Europe. This year around, The Rude Baguette is a media sponsor to the European Pirate Summity, and here's why:

Viadeo has now raised over $50 Million; They Still Aren't Linkedin

With the announcement of Viadeo's new round of funding, Liam Boogar examines whether there is any amount of money that can be raised to make Viadeo a better experience for users than Linkedin.

Mobile Shopping startup Prixing raises €1.75 Million at an €8 Million Valuation

This week, French startup Prixing announced that they had raised €1.75 Million from SPIR Communication to expand development on their mobile shopping application. With SPIR taking 22% ownership of the company, the puts a valuation of just under eight million euro for Prixing, which was founded just over a year ago. We talked briefly about Prixing and their […]

A Better Mousetrap: Analysis of the Startup Genome Project

Digging into the Startup Genome Project's recentl publication, Trista Bridges explores the implication behind the statistics, as well as the implications, necessities, advantages and woes of copycatting in Europe.

Recruiting a developer in France [SERIES 3/4] – Getting your Job in Front of the right People

The previous articles in this series discussed the creation of a job profile and performing a job interview. In this article, we’ll talk about getting your job posting to your target audience – the job seekers. First Option: Use a Recruiter Now here’s a tough question. Recruiters are expensive. They will ask 10-15% of the […]