Facebook Games: The success of casual and the Big French Three

In France, the more ambition a social game has, the smaller its audience seems to be. At least for the 3 biggest ones. France has 3 social game developers with an audience above 500K daily active users(DAU): Telaxo, Kobojo, and Ubisoft. In this list, world-renown Ubisoft is only 3rd (520k), while little-known Telaxo is 1st (1.2M), with […]

ISAI secures second fund for making €1-€5M investments

ISAI secures second fund for making €1-€5M investments

This morning, ISAI announced the closing of a €30M second fund dedicated to making investments in mature companies looking to grow quickly, make acquisitions, and provide a bit of liquidity to shareholders. ISAI first announced the searching of a second fund in the beginning of April, and it seems they had no trouble securing the […]

France Digitale: The French lobbying association for the startup Ecosystem

France Digitale: The French lobbying association for the startup Ecosystem

JournalduNet[FR] reported today that the lobbying association France Digitale has just been created in order to promote the startup/tech ecosystem. The association is presided over by venture capitalist Marie Ekeland, a partner at Elaia Partners, and Marc Menasé, President of Meinvest. The association will reportedly be made up of entrepreneurs and other investors, as well. The […]

The 411 on Uber in Paris

A few weeks ago I wrote an albeit satirical piece when I found out that a competitor to Uber had cropped up, namely Chauffeur Privé. My proposition at the time was that the best way to decide which service was best was to have a private chauffeur race. Well, I couldn’t quite convince my girlfriend […]

Rude VC: Feeling a part of something bigger

The RUDE VC offers a word of advice on one of the most important elements in working for a company: making your employees feel a part of something bigger.

Rude VC – Going public: It's complicated (part 2)

In part 2 of his series on IPOs, Mark touches on the the recent Facebook IPO, what it does & doesn't mean, as well as a bit about the hype around IPO-ing in the US.

Uber competitor Chauffeur Prive launches in France. One Solution – Private Driver Race.

This past week I was surprised to see a new twitter account picking up some steam in the twittervers – when I finally looked into who @ChauffeurPrive was, I saw it was, in fact, an Uber competitor – and I mean, an über competitor. Having never tried either one of these services (the metro still […]

Despite the financial crisis, eCommerce is still going strong in France

FEVAD, France's industry association focusing on the eCommerce and other non retail location sales (ie mail order), recently posted results on the performance of eCommerce in France during Q1 2012.

MyBee: Intelligent payments the easy way

Wessel Kooyman uses his startup assessment criteria on Mybee, looking at their team, problem/solution, competitive landscape, strengths & weaknesses, as well as sharing what we hopes to see them accomplish in the next six months.

European Entrepreneurs: Make your board work for you

VC's often dominate the boards of European startups, certainly in terms of influence if not in full legal voting majority. Board composition in European companies is closely correlated with the company's corporate form.