France's Mobile Market…the Drama Continues

 As widely covered in the media earlier this month, Orange (mobile) experienced a massive technical failure 6-7 july, which lasted approximately 12 hours and affected a substantial number of its 26 million customers.  Given Orange’s approx 40% market share , the failure was, not surprisingly, big news here and even caused the government to immediately jump into […]

Digital Eye Glass Inventor assaulted in McDonalds

Digital Eye Glass Inventor assaulted in McDonalds

Reported across the interwebs this week was the assault of Steve Mann, a renowned PhD engineer who works on creating technology for the visually impaired. The device surrounding the event was his own invention, the Digital Eye Glass, which resembles  The more unfortunately part of the story, other than the fact that it happened in […]

Lyst: The 4 Keys to Success for a Fashion Startup

Lyst: The 4 Keys to Success for a Fashion Startup

Buying fashion online is very hard. On the one side you’ve got a huge choice of online fashion stores that offer everything ranging from high-end designer clothing on sites like Net-a-porter or Farfetch to the other extreme of stores offering convenience items like socks at competitive costs such as Archiduchesse. And on the other side now, […]

Rude VC: Selling Early, and other opinions on the Digg acquisition

Remember Digg ? Less than six months after radical innovator NetVibes caved in to Dassault Systèmes for 20m€ and almost five years to the exact day after navigation firm Webraska lost its way into the arms of Sanef, the social news sharing site Digg was sold to Betaworks for a reported $500k. This sum represents just a fraction of […]

Return of the French Google Tax: New Government, Same Nonsense

France is now saying it will enforce what’s been dubbed the “Google Tax” [FR], a sort of customs tariff on web products and services sold from anywhere outside of France. Previous governments have tried coming up with a way to apply VAT on digital purchases from foreign companies, from a song on iTunes or an […]

LeCamping launches a sister site in Toulouse along with TIC Valley

LeCamping, the startup accelerator funded in part by public money and in part by private sponsors, announced[FR] last week that they will be hosting a new accelerator program in Toulouse, with space provided by TIC Valley. The program will mirror that of LeCamping’s current program in Paris – six months incubation on-site, mentor sessions, introduction […]

Dandybox, the Joliebox for men!

Pierre Entremont, an HEC graduate, was kind enough to spend some time with me to discuss his venture, Dandybox. Pierre started his career in a cushy finance job, at  a Private Equity firm. He described that life as a “Golden Cage”, and said he dreamed of more adventure, freedom, risk and potential reward. In other […]

Geeklist opens up its developer social network to the public

Geeklist announced earlier this week that their social network for developers is finally open to the public (go ahead, sign up now!). The social network’s private beta was launched in September 2011, hoping to encourage developers to post their project accomplishments as well as others’. Now with over 40,000 developers and over 200+ companies working with […]

Owning the dot-com: even my grandma understood

I remember back in 1996 when my grandmother (since passed, bless her soul) caught me off guard, as she had a knack for doing, with a highly-esoteric tech question. She had invited me for lunch at the Hobees in Cupertino, an annual ritual in which we caught up on each others’ lives.  Toward the end […]

Why is the #1 headhunter app Pealk shutting down today? (Answer: Linkedin)

If you didn’t catch the story over the weekend, TheNextWeb ran a story last Friday announcing that French startup Pealk, who offers a free headhunting app, is being shutdown. Today. The startup’s application used LinkedIn’s API to help exactly 2739 (as of this morning) recruiters to search for potential hires with a user-friendly interface. What’s […]