Wrap-up of the Webgame Conference

As mentioned a couple weeks back, the Rude Baguette had the distinct pleasure of being selected as a media partner for the third instalment of the annual Webgame Conference.   Olivier Issaly, co-founder of the online games group Owlient (now a part of Ubisoft), had the wisdom to start the conference a few years back and […]

Vesalis, Raising the Bar in Facial Recognition

Vesalis, Raising the Bar in Facial Recognition

Most of you have probably heard of Face.com, a leading facial recognition company  acquired early this week by Facebook.  One of Face’s competitors that’s starting to get an increasing amount of recognition is a French, Clerrmont-Ferrand based start-up called Vesalis.  Vesalis is expanding internationally and gaining visibility, having been selected to participate in the annual […]

Futur En Seine – Un Festival International ou Pas?

Futur En Seine – Un Festival International ou Pas?

Going on between June 14th and 24th, Futur en Seine is a digital festival in Paris and its surrounding technical parks – but you already knew that. The event series was designed by Cap Digital, a digital services agency which has its hands in several events/associations. As with most Cap Digital events, the conference came […]

EU releases annual Digital Agenda Scoreboard

The EU released it’s annual digital agenda scoreboard this week.  The report highlighted several positive trends, such as that consumers and business are quickly moving to mobile (62% growth in mobile internet use and 217 million mobile broadband subscriptions), internet usage is widespread as 68% of Europeans are online regularly and 170 million use social […]

SPDY explained to my (clueless) cofounder

For a new technology enthusiast it’s always exciting to see Google throw its weight behind a new piece of technology, like it did with HTML5 or open video web formats. As a large web company devoted to open standards, Google sets the bar pretty high for the tools that it open sources. On the other […]

Rude VC: Before I hire you, tell me about your problems

I’ve noticed a typical recruiting occurence in the States sadly creeping into hiring processes in Europe, even among startups. I’m referring to the dreaded question during a job interview of: “What are your weaknesses?” “Tell me about your weaknesses” is an interview question with which I’ve always struggled. Without a doubt, it is far less […]

[EXCLUSIVE] BlaBlaCar offers 1 Million+ seat capacity on its ride-sharing marketplace [Infographic]

BlaBlaCar, formerly CoVoiturage.fr & Comuto,  announced excitedly today that their European ride-sharing surface surpassed a monumental number today – there was a 1 Million+ seat capacity available as of June 18th, 2012. The ride-sharing car has seen explosive growth since 2009, as they outlined in the infographic below – to be exact, 135% annual growth year […]

Lagardère is finally buying Leguide.com

It looks like the on-going back-and-forth[FR] between Lagardère and Leguide.com is finally coming to a close.  After having their first and second offers rejected by Leguide.com (at 24€/share and 28€/share respectively), Lefigaro reported today[FR] that Lagardère have now managed to acquire a controlling, majority stake in Leguide.com at 28€/share.  The transaction values Leguide.com, which is […]

Why you shouldn't be too excited about Index's new €350M fund for early stage "European" startups

GigaOm Europe  reported this morning that Index Ventures raised another round of €350 Million to invest into early stage European startups. This is pretty great news – Index, along with Accel, is one of the few real Global investment firms that has both a strong presence in the US and in Europe. In New York, Index […]

Orange expected to finalise buy-out of Dailymotion

Back in January 2011, Orange purchased 49% of Dailymotion for approximately €60million in a “two-part transaction”.  As reported in Les Echos this week , Orange has now decided to go all in and buy the remaining 51% for €72million.  They plan to involve a partner in the deal, potentially Qualcom, and expect to close the […]