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Dear LaFrenchTech: Let’s never stop learning

Arguably at one point the hottest tech conference on the European continent and still undisputably one of the top tier events, LeWeb took place last week and brought leading international entrepreneurs and investors like Phil Libin, Hiroshi Mikitani, Kevin Rose, Yossi Vardi, Tony Conrad, David Hornik, Jeff Clavier, and Fred Wilson to Paris. The conference […]

My five takeaways from LeWeb Conference

My five takeaways from LeWeb Conference

My five takeaways from LeWeb Conference 2014: The sharing economy is already impressive, and we ain’t seen nothing yet. Bitcoin has fallen out of favor, for now, and hence is probably a good contrarian play. Japan tech is the ultimate contrarian play. Expect the unexpected when a French politician takes the stage. Meditation is the […]

RudeVC: 2013 landing on a good note

RudeVC: 2013 landing on a good note

Various topics have been tumbling around my brain about which to write in this last post of 2013 on France’s startup ecosystem. There’s the alarming passage of a wide-reaching French surveillance law, or yet another French fiscal flap like the Eckert proposal, and of course the depressing pronouncements by Arnaud Montebourg at LeWeb last week. […]

Vacances à volonté, a rising trend of unlimited vacation days

“Impossible, that would never work in France; don’t be so idealistic,” chided my friend with a dismissive wave of the hand. With a storied career rising through the ranks of a CAC40 firm and more recently a business owner, my friend knew a lot about managing people in a French workplace. We were discussing a […]

Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to launch in France, now accepts €/£

Speaking at LeWeb last week,  co-founder of crowdfunding platform Indiegogo Danae Ringelmann spoke about Indiegogo’s progress in helping projects get funded. With Kickstarter having announced their launch in the UK, Indiegogo looks to get ahead of them on continental Europe, and announced today that they would be soon accepting euros & pounds sterling, in order to expand […]

European Commission strategy for tech startups: Start in Europe, Stay in Europe

Neelie Kroes, Vice-President for the Digital Agenda of the European Commission, ended the second day of LeWeb, talking about the European Commission’s strategy for supproting European tech startups. The talk was part of an ambitious action plan by the European Commission, currently being studied with input from the European startup scene, which will be presented in […]

Fleur Pellerin appoints Tariq Krim to map the Paris startup scene

On the first day of LeWeb, Fleur Pellerin, Minister of the Numerique in France, spoke alongside the new head of UK Tech City Joanna Shields and Katia Gaika, who heads up Russia’s Skolkovo Foundation. The talk, moderated by TNW‘s UK Editor Jamillah Knowles, discussed the role of government in the startup ecosystem. While the conversation itself didn’t dig too deep […]

Startup Trends according to the 16 LeWeb Paris Finalists

LeWeb announced this week the 16 finalists who will be competing this year in the startup competition. Just like last year, we’ll try to give you a quick elevator pitch of what they do, as well as what trends we see based off of the startups selected. The theme for this year’s LeWeb is the […]

Ykone's Fashion Event FLOW is LeWeb for Fashion

Nobody would argue that the fashion business was late in opening up to social media. Iconic designers locked the doors as long as they could, considering themselves closer to god than to their clients. Then the social fashion revolution happened through an uncountable number of fashion blogs that popped-up across the globe – many in […]

Tech All Stars announces the 12 startups they're sending to LeWeb London

Earlier this month, we spoke about Tech All Stars, the EU Commission’s contest to find the best startups in Europe and send them to LeWeb, Founders Forum, and even to one lucky startup pitch in front of the EU Commission’s technology & innovation group. Well, the first selection is complete, and we’ve got our paws […]