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Curioos rolls out lower prices and iPhone cases for their digital art store

Curioos has been pushing along with we last talked to him back in January. The Digital Art Factory, which allows users to buy professional prints from independent digital artists, has recently rolled out its Spring Collection, curated by blogger/trendmaker Eleonor Bridge. Curioos prints all the art themselves in their art studio located just south of […]

A detailed breakdown of the 16 startups competing at LeWeb London

A detailed breakdown of the 16 startups competing at LeWeb London

This week, LeWeb’s Loic & Geraldine announced the semi-finalists for the LeWeb London startup competition. These startups will compete throughout the two-day event, and the final three will pitch on stage in front of an all-star jury panel. For those who won’t be able to attend, we thought we’d give you a look at each […]

Paris & Berlin – The tale of two cities (Part 1: The facts you can't ignore)

Paris & Berlin – The tale of two cities (Part 1: The facts you can't ignore)

Nicolas Metzke examines the economic, historical, and georgraphical attributes of the two cities to make an initial assessment of which city is better suited as a startup hub.

Loic & Geraldine announce LeWeb London theme: "Faster than Realtime"

Checking in from Coachella today, Loic & Geraldine announced their theme for LeWeb London – Faster than Real Time. Drawing inspiration from Jeremiah Owyang (most likely from this blog post). Citing Highlight and Voxer as examples, the theme discusses being ‘fast’ in two senses – not only connecting people quicker than ever, but the entrepreneurial swiftness […]

Paris's LeWeb conference to invade London and rival London Web Summit

LeWeb is hands-down France’s biggest tech conference. With the last edition in 2011 hosting over 3,500 participants from over 76 countries and speakers like Karl Lagerfeld, Eric Schmidt and Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan, there are very few conferences in Europe that measure up. At most, some would say the only other conferences on […]

Can France do Social?

In my most recent efforts to understand how to take a city and turn it into a startup city, I’ve been toying with an idea given to me by Jason Calacanis: I posed him the question of how European cities could create an ecosystem on the same level as (note: not “replicating”) the Silicon Valley. […]

In Paris for LeWeb? Let show you a good time…

There are 2 times per year when my inbox gets flooded with "Hey Roxanne, what should I do in Paris?!" emails: during summer and LeWeb. Usually I send my friends a few random things to do, like see a Chopin concert in the Eglise Julien le Pauvre near Saint Germain or go to the 5th floor of the Louis Vuitton

3 Takeaways from Deloitte's Fast 500

This past week, Deloitte released it’s annual list of the 500 fastest growing EMEA technology companies, and the results are pretty interesting. The most interesting point is probably that Logic Bilisim, the top growing technology company with %28617 gr0wth, is from Turkey. I thought I’d take look at the list and find some takeaways that could […]

Coockly, the worst French startup name?

Now, you all know that I'm not one to usually criticize French startups or entrepreneurs. And I'm not about to criticize what anyone is actually doing (well, at least not in this article). But every now and then I come across a French startup name and giggle to myself, thinking "uh, really?" But recently I came across one startup name and I just couldn't let it get away...

Diversity in French startups: a really (un)touchy subject

It comes as no surprise that the US media is pointing fingers at Michael Arrington and that the TechCrunch star is once again under fire. After all, he’s been spit on, gotten into a “friendly” fight with Loic Le Meur, called out prominent Silicon Valley investors and given them a bit of a scare – and he even […]