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Why EU plans to make common charger mandatory for Apple iPhones and other devices

The European Commission and lawmakers plan to enforce a law on device manufacturers like Apple and other electronics companies. This law makes it mandatory for all electronics companies, including Apple, to create devices that have a common charging port.  On Tuesday, the commission agreed to a common charger, the USB Type-C, for all devices, including […]

Let Mention’s iPhone app keep track of Social Media while you are on vacation

Let Mention’s iPhone app keep track of Social Media while you are on vacation

As Summer ramps up, you may be telling yourself you’re going to go dark, cut yourself off from the internet entirely, or just leave your smartphone in your bedroom and hop on a plane; that’s likely due in part to the fact that checking in once a week can easily turn into a full day’s […]

VLC’s iOS App pokes a giant hole in Apple’s walled garden ecosystem

VLC’s iOS App pokes a giant hole in Apple’s walled garden ecosystem

Last Friday, VLC, the non-profit video player that has been used by pirates legal video viewers since its creation in 1998, relaunched an iPhone and iPad app for its video player. The association had previously launched an app in November 2010 which was pulled from the app store 10 weeks after its release, and the […]

Appsfire’s latest update adds Breaking News around hot app updates & announcements

App marketing and promotion company Appsfire released a new version of their popular iPhone app, adding a “Breaking News” feature to the app, which will provide a newsfeed of updates to popular apps. The service, which monitors the quality of apps, as well as updates, has fire hose access to the Apple App Store, and […]

Pearltrees prepares overhaul of its collaborative library app with new “Boticelli” release

Today, Pearltrees announced a new version of their collaborative library will be released soon. Available on iPad and iPhone for free, the app “transforms organized collections into beautiful illustrated libraries.” The self-proclaimed largest collaboratively library is currently home to 50 million web pages organized into 6 million pearltrees. Pearltrees also had a premium version for $4.99, […]

With 500K+ users, Leetchi brings Social Payments to mobile with a new site & iPhone App

We haven’t heard a lot from the Leetchi team since they raised a €$4Million round of funding nearly one year ago to date, allegedly intended for international expansion. The social payments site, which now boasts 500,000+ users on their service, launched a long-awaited iPhone application, and took the opportunity to optimize their web interface for mobile, […]

Remixjobs now has a mobile app that’s actually WORSE than the web interface.

Whenever I’m asked where one should go to find startups who are hiring, I always reluctantly point to Remixjobs. It’s not that I don’t like the site, or founder ‘Manu’ Dorne, AKA Korben, one of France’s most well-known independent bloggers, it’s just that the site lacks so much of what I would want in it. […]

Bouygues is getting ClockBlocked from having an iPhone monopoly in France

In the weeks coming up to the iPhone5 launch last year after the new phone was announced, most of Europe was buzzing with one common problem – not one single carrier was running the correct frequency (1800MHz) in order to provide the iPhone with 4G. Most of the carriers had built 2600MHz & 800MHz frequencies […]

Apple purchases Swiss clock trademark for $21 million

Hans Hilfiker of SBB national railways designed the analog alarm clock for your iPhone back in 1944. True, Apple didn’t come into existence until April 1, 1976-but  today, Apple avoids a lengthy and costly litigation process with the Swiss railway in a $21 million purchase. This is creating a lot of buzz on the internet partly because […]

Tigerlily expands from Facebook to Mobile

Social. Local. Mobile. We’ve all heard it before – but have we really? With iOS6’s release, integration with Facebook and Passbook have made it easier than ever to provide an experience on each app that is SoLoMo. This past week, French startup Tigerlily, which specializes in custom Facebook integrations for brands, released a video detailing […]