Tigerlily expands from Facebook to Mobile


Social. Local. Mobile. We’ve all heard it before – but have we really? With iOS6’s release, integration with Facebook and Passbook have made it easier than ever to provide an experience on each app that is SoLoMo. This past week, French startup Tigerlily, which specializes in custom Facebook integrations for brands, released a video detailing its future focus – a perfectly integrated mobile experience.
The video depicts Tigerlily’s first client, Popmarket, and how they have used Tigerlily’s five steps to creating the perfect user experience:

  1. QR Codes Scanning of an offer found in a store, for example
  2. Receive a coupon in the user’s passbook after connecting via Facebook
  3. Receive a iOS6 Map directions to the location where the user can redeem the coupon (remember, it all started locally, so these QR codes can lead to nearby stores, as in the video)
  4. Scan the coupon at the POS of the store to redeem the code and allow the store owned to store the transaction in Tigerlily’s back-end
  5. Allow the user to share their entire experience via Facebook
[vimeo http://vimeo.com/51431399]

This user experience lines up with Tigerlily’s recent presentation on Luxury User Experience, which shows merchants how to create a custom user experience to drive sales. In their presentation about the mobile user experience, Tigerlily points out some key figures that back their new focus towards iOS and SoLoMo: 600 Million mobile Facebook users, 1 Billion users of geolocalization services, and passbook’s deep integration with ticketing apps across iOS.
This all-encompassing user experience proves that you can take several “nice” things, and make them extraordinary. QR codes have long been the unwanted cousin in the smartphone era – no one has been serious about adopting them (you can tell, because QR scanning isn’t integrated into the iPhone yet). And yet, when a QR code doesn’t just open up a web page, but in fact takes me from where I am physically to the store register, suddenly the value becomes clear.
As Tigerlily expands beyond being an amazing Facebook marketing tool into being an amazing mobile marketing tool, one might ask where their vision will stop. One thing’s sure though – if this video is any sign of what’s in store, I think businesses will be jumping on board. Fast.