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Rude VC: The Valley of Heart’s Delight

Spot quiz: What region is formerly known as the Valley of Heart’s Delight ? Here’s a hint: it’s not Blackstone Valley in Massachusetts, nor is it Berlin, East London, and especially not Saclay, France. A swathe of apple orchards and orange groves spanning Santa Clara County in Northern California is what gave Silicon Valley this […]

Everything eMerchants need to know about the new (paid) Google Shopping platform

Everything eMerchants need to know about the new (paid) Google Shopping platform

Today the changes that Google announced months ago for Google Shopping are rolling out in several countries. You may recall that the announced changes, which changed Google Shopping from a free to a paid platform, were met with some criticism – whether the results that showed up would be the best results, or just the results someone is paying to […]

More tablets will be sold than laptop PCs in France this year

More tablets will be sold than laptop PCs in France this year

France will soon reach a major digital milestone…2013 will be the year that tablet sales, projected to easily reach 5.1million this year, will officially surpass those of laptop PCs.  With the number of tablets sold in France more than doubling in a year (up from 1.5 million in 2011 to 3.6 million in 2012), this […]

Google's Motorola Mobility may close its Toulouse facility

After going through what seems like endless rounds of restructuring, divestitures, and layoffs, the Motorola Toulouse facility looks like it will be hit with more.  As reported by La Depeche du Midi and AFP,  employees of Motorola Mobility, now a Google operation, were informed by management just before Christmas that the Toulouse facility may be closed by […]

Google ends 6 year feud with Belgian press

Google announced yesterday on their French blog the end of a six-year struggle with the francophone Belgian press, who argued that the “cached” versions of articles on Google violated the rights of journalists, and that they should pay royalties to said press. Google announced an agreement with the Franco-Belgian press, highlighting four initiatives: They will promote Belgian […]

4 Google+ Communities for startupers to join (& 100 to avoid)

Last week Google+ announced the launch of Google+ Communities – think Facebook Groups, and despite what any other article will try to tell you, they are identical, both visually and in overall usefulness. +Rude Baguette has been on Google+ for quite some time – we’re evening doing exclusive Rude Hangout’s each week. While it’s still early days […]

Google Transit launches metro & RER directions in Paris

Google France announced today that Google Maps will now include public transit directions, a tool that has long been lacking for Paris users, considering the amazing public transportation here. The public transit directions include approximations for departure and arrival times for RER (trains), the Metro, and the bus system. Coming off the release os iOS6, where even […]

YouTube ad in Paris Metro seduces PSG soccer fans

It seems that YouTube is looking to grow their popularity in Paris – the Google-owned video service has recently begun advertising in several Paris metro stations, inviting soccer fans to visit the offical PSG (Paris Saint-Germain, Paris’ soccer team) YouTube channel. Europeans will kill me for calling it Soccer, so here’s a header just for […]

After Google and Amazon, French tax authorities target Facebook

In recent weeks, we’ve been covering quite extensively Google and their quarrels with the French government. An attempt to re-instate the Google Tax led to French media banding together to propose a law forcing Google to pay royalties for snippets used on Google sites. This all happened as French tax authorities investigate Google France & Google […]

France launches its own fiber optic internet project. Nationwide.

Late last week, the French government finally kicked-off its highly anticipated “ultra high-speed internet’ (i.e. greater than 30Mb/s) project which centers on the extending fiber optic networking across all of France (ideally) by 2020.  This 2020 timing is actually an objective that was set at the EU level.  The government has selected Antoine Darodes, the currrent […]