Everything eMerchants need to know about the new (paid) Google Shopping platform


LengowToday the changes that Google announced months ago for Google Shopping are rolling out in several countries. You may recall that the announced changes, which changed Google Shopping from a free to a paid platform, were met with some criticism – whether the results that showed up would be the best resultsor just the results someone is paying to have – well, the changes have arrived nonetheless, and Lengow has got some tips for eRetailers on how to use Google Shopping effectively.

The changes rolled out last October in the USA, and today are rolling out in several major markets, including United Kingdom, France, Japan, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil, Australia and Switzerland. The roll out will be completed by the end of Q2 2013, but eRetailers should get ready for the changes today. The layout of how products will be integrated have changed, and eRetailers will have to embrace the CPC paid bidding model, which will be managed product by product. eRetailers will need to create Google AdWords accounts to complement their Google Merchant Center account, in order to manage their Google Shopping Ads.

Of course, Lengow clients already have the leg up on the competition for the transition, as Lengow helps users manage their product inventory across all platforms, allowing them to track performance and change any product information across inventory or by item/channel/etc. Lengow has made it its business to provide analytics and management tools to eRetailers across all distribution channels, and because they operate on a per product pricing model, they are convenient for individuals, and they are robust for large eRetailers, like But, La ReDoute, Fnac, Castorama and others