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Why the tech industry needs a labor/union movement

The trend in this latest labor activism started in early April 2021 when some Google workers said they were creating a union to fight injustices. This created some debates and confusion among onlookers.  For them, why would staff at a big tech company popular for free lunches and high salaries want a union? The move, […]

These are the new updates and features coming to Google Maps.

These are the new updates and features coming to Google Maps.

Google announced on Thursday at its Search On the event that it plans to launch many new updates for Maps in the coming months. The company announced and called these upcoming launches Immersive View, Neighborhood Vibe, and Search With Live View. According to the company, all features and updates announced are part of efforts to […]

<strong>How Google and Meta were fined $71.8M for violating privacy laws in South Korea</strong>

How Google and Meta were fined $71.8M for violating privacy laws in South Korea

On Wednesday, South Korea fined Google and Meta $71.8 million (100 billion KRW) for violating the privacy law in the country. The South Korean authorities said that Meta and Google didn’t receive legitimate or legal consent when collecting users’ information who visited their websites and used other websites and apps for customized ads. According to […]

Sorry, Zuckerberg, the Metaverse Won’t Replace Zoom

Metaverse is becoming more popular as each day passes. The technology once designed for a small group is now shifting to broader use for the everyday home, work, and play. While it may seem like a far-off reality, Metaverse is closer than we think. In his year-in-review post termed Gates Notes, Bill Gates predicts that […]

Denmark bans Google services in schools.

Denmark is effectively banning Chromebooks and Google Workspace in schools because of data transfer risks after the Helsingør municipality officials were ordered to execute a risk assessment concerning Google’s processing of personal data. The action comes after heavy criticism from Denmark’s Helsingør municipality against Google’s use of Workspace and Chromebooks for school aims. Datatilsynet Denmark’s […]

How Google Maps restrictions triggered competition scrutiny in Germany

In Germany, the country’s competition regulator is attempting to know how possible abuses relate to how Google works its Maps product. It’s a recent proceeding the German FCO (Federal Cartel Office) has opened against Google after earlier and ongoing investigations into the company’s News Showcase licensing practices and data terms.  In Germany, the Maps proceeding […]

Epic games temporarily wins the right to use its payment system on Google Play 

On Friday, Epic games won a rather one-sided condition against Google App Store payment policies. The decision is backed up by years of litigation between Epic Games and the Google App Store.  Epic Games and Google have reached a temporary ceasefire in their yet to be concluded legal battle over Bandcamp.  Bandcamp is a digital […]

This week in apps; major events you need to know.

Google’s new ‘multi-search’ attributes hint at AR glasses’ future Google introduced a new “multi-search” feature in April that provides a way to search the web with both images and text at the same time.  On Monday, during Google’s I/O developer conference, the firm disclosed an expansion to the feature, termed “Multisearch Near Me.”  This feature […]

US competition authority demands details on acquisitions by Google, Facebook, and other tech giants

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has ordered five major tech companies to provide details on acquisitions of smaller companies over the past ten years, according to The Guardian. Information on the purpose and scope of the acquisitions will help inform antitrust investigations into the five companies, which include Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. While the […]

Google acquires Pointy, an Irish startup with tools to help local retailers list products online

Google has announced plans to acquire the Dublin-based startup Pointy, which offers digital solutions to help local, brick-and-mortar retailers list their products online to compete with Amazon, according to Venture Beat. The two companies did not disclose the sale price, but Yahoo Finance reported that it’s a $163 million deal. The acquisition is expected to go […]