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Currency Cloud closes £1.2M from French investors

FX-MM reported this morning that French investor XAnge Private Equity has invested £1.2M into Currency Cloud, a currency exchange as-a-service platform that allows cross-border transactions. XAnge will join investors Atlas Ventures, Notion Capital, and Anthemis  who invested a total of 4.5M in 2012 alone. The Currency Cloud enables transaction-based web companies, money transfer businesses and […]

Fed up with French Tax?  MOVE Guides can move you to London!

Fed up with French Tax? MOVE Guides can move you to London!

The following is an approved guest post by Brynne Herbert Mon dieu! Much to the chagrin of France’s business and start-up community, Francois Hollande announced his foreboding tax changes this fall, including a disturbingly high 75% tax rate on incomes above £800,000 per year and 62.2% capital gains tax rate.  The outcry of the business […]

Storific shows off its Smart Ordering Companion in Dublin

Storific shows off its Smart Ordering Companion in Dublin

Last week at Dublin Web Summit, there were plenty of French startups to see. Along with Allmyapps & Clever Cloud, Bordeaux-based Storific competed in DWS’ Spark of Genius startup competition, and made it as far as the semi-finals (top 16 out of 100 competing) before being knocked out by a iPhone-controlled vibrator and a Kickstarter […]

Bordeaux-based Dokker launches Slideshare for documents

One of many startups to launch at Dublin Web Summit this week is the Bordeaux-based Dokker, who has launched their platform for uploading & sharing documents. The site hopes to create a platform for colleagues to share everything from business plan templates to white papers written internally for work or externally for distribution. The company […]

Azendoo adds Google Integration to take on Yammer

News is flying at Dublin Web Summit today – even if the Wi-Fi has been down most of the event. Yesterday, Bordeaux-based Azendoo announced Google Integration to their social task management solution, which raised $1.6M earlier this year, essentially, to take on Yammer. The product has been out in invite-only beta for the past few […]

Jolicloud comes full-circle, announces Start Page for your Cloud

As Dublin Web Summit continues to see French startups announce one after another new services, fundraising & more, Jolicloud founder Tariq Krim took the stage yesterday to announce the their cloud organize has re-launched, again. The Netvibes founder announced their new “Start Page for your Cloud,” admitting that the startup has taken a few twists […]

Allmyapps announces 400K+ active users & 10K new users/day

At the Dublin Web Summit, allmyapps pitched yesterday with exciting news during the Spark of Genius startup competition. In addition to announcing the release of their V2, available for download here, the Elaia-backed startup announced 400,000 monthly active users & a new user registration rate of 10,000 users per day. The startup, which already boasts […]