Fed up with French Tax? MOVE Guides can move you to London!


The following is an approved guest post by Brynne Herbert
Mon dieu! Much to the chagrin of France’s business and start-up community, Francois Hollande announced his foreboding tax changes this fall, including a disturbingly high 75% tax rate on incomes above £800,000 per year and 62.2% capital gains tax rate.  The outcry of the business elite was greeted with open arms across the Channel however, as David Cameron declared “…we will roll out the red carpet and welcome more French businesses to Britain.” Today, London-based start-up MOVE Guides makes it easier than ever to relocate to London.
MOVE Guides offers a one-stop-shop for relocation to London, the perfect solution for any French citizen fleeing the tax regime!  Backed by many of Europe’s top angel investors, including Sherry Coutu (LinkedIn, Care.com), Tom Hulme (IDEO) and Sean Park (Anthemis Group), among others, MOVE Guides offers expert city content, price comparison and booking across eight services, and integrated move management … meaning you can pick your new London neighbourhood, open your UK bank account and ship your stuff across the Channel all in one fell swoop!  Have questions?  MOVE Guides expert customer service team is on hand to help you with ready-made phone support and live chat…in English or French!
The French have been moving to London for decades and its estimated that more than between 300,000 and 400,000 French citizens already live in the British capital.  That makes London a larger French city than Bordeaux, Nantes or Strasbourg!  The influx began in 17th century when Huguenots sought refuge from the French persecution for their Protestant faith.  They were offered sanctuary by King Charles II and called their flight “Le Refuge” – coining the term refugee!
Today you’ll find many French expats in popular London neighbourhoods South Kensington, Fulham and Marylebone.  French migration is all but surely set to increase with the new tax regime.  Liam Bailey, head of residential research at London-broker Knight Frank noted a “68% year-on-year growth rates in property searches by French citizens in London this year, which coincided with Hollande’s proposal for a 75% tax on top earners.”
Whether you’re a start-up founder, investor or high-flying exec, London is waiting for you with open arms.  MOVE Guides now makes it just that much easier to move to London.