Dandybox: a review of their first box for men!


One of the (small) perks of being a journalist is getting free stuff. When I interviewed Pierre Entremont, one of the co-founders of Dandybox, he only had an empty box to show (which he duly did, and even posed with it!), and he talked about the contents of the box.But he promised me a free one when it did came out!
Now, i’m not really into cosmetics, so i’m not really part of their target audience. But i still felt oddly excited getting it – i figure that’s due to the ‘box effect’ – i think i could even get me excited about getting a box full of dead animals, if you market it right.
So imagine my excitement when the first Dandybox appeared on my desk! It felt like Christmas and my birthday both at the same time. I greedily started unpacking, and felt like a little kid all over again.

What’s inside a Dandybox?

I wasn’t disappointed – lots of goodies! The  main prize was a full fize high-quality soap from Chevalier d’Orsay, that retails for €17! There was also a goofie watch, with the text on it “My Rolex is in my safe” – awesome joke, but terrible watch. I did get someone to wear it, but he’s a penniless startup co-founder – not exactly the target audience! In addition to that, an anti-wrinkle cream, also a €17 value. So at this point we’ve already passed the €25 point (the price you pay for the box).

Dandybox unpacked

But there’s more! A pair of socks that’s very dandy-esque, some cheapo cufflinks, an eau de toilette sampler, and another cosmetic product that i can’t figure out what it’s for. All in all, a lot of fun goodies! The packaging is really appealing. My box was stained on the outside, but inside the goodies were in a nice cloth bag, and with some pages to describe all the products in detail.
Will i ever pay €25 a month for it? No way! But i’m not their target audience. I would definitely give it as a gift to someone, as it’s well thought out, beautifully packaged and presented, and the goodies are ultimately useful.