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Twitter’s attempt to monetize porn is halted because of child safety warnings

Twitter is reportedly considering monetizing adult content amidst internal shakeups and high pressure from investors to make more profits. The move is, however, halted because of child safety warnings. The Verge reported that Twitter is aiming to be a competitor to OnlyFans by permitting adult creators to sell subscriptions on Twitter. Already, some adult creators […]

Another court case fails to unlock Bitcoin’s Satoshi Nakamoto mystery.

Another court case fails to unlock Bitcoin’s Satoshi Nakamoto mystery.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the mysterious Bitcoin and a popular figure in the Crypto industry. But his real identity is still unknown. There’s now another court case that fails to unlock the man’s mystery as Peter McCormack, the British blogger, is certain that he isn’t Craig Wright. Craig Wright, who’s an Australian computer scientist, has for […]

<strong>How Pelosi’s Taiwan trip puts TSMC back in the spotlight of US-China rivalry</strong>

How Pelosi’s Taiwan trip puts TSMC back in the spotlight of US-China rivalry

Nancy Pelosi, the US House Speaker may have left Taiwan, but her visit has shown a spotlight on Taiwan’s significant role in the world chip supply chain, particularly on the globe’s highest chipmaker, TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co). The controversial visit, which angered China, saw Pelosi meet with Mark Liu, the TSMC Chairman. The meeting […]

How thousands of Solana wallets were drained in multimillion-dollar exploit

Solana has become the latest victim of a crypto hack after its users reported that their funds were drained from “hot” wallets. The Solana’s Status Twitter account revealed that an unknown hacker drained funds from about 8,000 wallets on Solana. The loss is estimated to be up to $8 million. The attack, however, only affected […]

Here’s how edited tweets may look when embedded elsewhere

Though Twitter hasn’t officially launched its anticipated edit tweet feature, it has generated a lot of questions on how it’ll look when embedded on other sites.  Some of the questions include, will it dynamically change if edited on Twitter, or will it remain as it was when created? And is Twitter releasing something radical alongside […]

No, TikTok isn’t the enemy of journalism, it’s a new way of reaching people

TikTok has become a world phenomenon! It’s surpassing other social media in global internet traffic and becoming more accessed than Google, Gmail, and Google Maps. Shira Ovide, in the New York Times, reported that “TikTok might be rewiring entertainment, giving the next generation of activists new ways to tell stories and challenging the global internet […]

Why rescind the doctrine’s protest greeted the Pope in Canada

On Thursday, Pope Francis celebrated Mass at a national shrine in Canada and witnessed direct requests from Indigenous peoples. The indigenous people demanded to rescind the papal decree that underpins the “Doctrine of Discovery” and remove theories that legalized the colonial-period Native lands seizure and created the basis of today’s property law. Before the Mass […]

FTC. sues Meta to block its Virtual Reality deal as it tackles other giant techs

On Wednesday, the F.T.C. (Federal Trade Commission) filed an injunction to block Meta from purchasing a virtual reality firm called Within. The lawsuit is potentially restricting Meta’s push into Metaverse and signaling a change in the agency’s approach to tech deals. The company revealed last year that it’s buying Within for an undisclosed fee. Within […]

How malicious IIS extension is becoming popular among cyber-criminals for persistent access

Microsoft says many threat actors are now abusing IIS (Internet Information Services) extensions to backdoor servers to create a “durable persistence mechanism.” This comes as the Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team warns that “IIS backdoors are harder to detect since they mostly reside in the same directories as legitimate modules used by target applications, and […]

The US Stocks fall after Walmart’s profit warning, as it drags down other retail names.

On Tuesday, the US stocks fell after Walmart cut its earnings forecast. This sends other retail shares lower while causing concern that consumer spending may not be sufficient enough to put the US out of recession. Walmart agrees it has cut its quarterly and yearly profit estimates on Monday due to increasing food inflation, alarming […]