Another court case fails to unlock Bitcoin’s Satoshi Nakamoto mystery.

Another court case fails to unlock Bitcoin’s Satoshi Nakamoto mystery.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the mysterious Bitcoin and a popular figure in the Crypto industry. But his real identity is still unknown.

There’s now another court case that fails to unlock the man’s mystery as Peter McCormack, the British blogger, is certain that he isn’t Craig Wright.

Craig Wright, who’s an Australian computer scientist, has for years claimed he’s Satoshi, the pseudonymous author of the 2008 white paper behind bitcoin.

Wright’s statement that he’s the Bitcoin inventor has created several legal tussles, which have continued.

A part of the legal tussle saw a pyrrhic summary in London UK this week when Peter McCormack found and caused a serious setback to Wright’s reputation by continuously claiming he was a fraud and not Satoshi.

Wright, however, won some nominal damages of £1 after Justice Chamberlain, the high court judge, submitted that McCormack gave “deliberately false evidence” in support of the libel claim.

For the cost, McCormack didn’t provide a defense of truth as the high court judge ruled that a claim in the video discussion on YouTube was actually defamatory and that several tweets repeating the fraud claims have caused grave harm to his reputation.

According to the judge, “Because he [Wright] advanced a deliberately false case and put forward deliberately false evidence until days before trial, he will recover only nominal damages.”

While McCormack has defended the ruling, saying that the tweets and video didn’t cause grave harm to Wright’s reputation, Wright claimed the tweets seriously harmed his reputation because he has been disinvited from 10 conferences involving his academic papers, which haven’t been published.

In addition, McCormack had submitted evidence from conference organizers challenging Wright’s claims, which were dropped from Wright’s case in his trial in May.

The judge expressed, “Dr. Wright’s original case on serious harm, and the evidence supporting it, both of which were maintained until days before trial, were deliberately false.”

Moreover, Wright said, “he brought the case, not for financial reward, but the principle and to get others to think twice before seeking to impugn my reputation”.

Wright’s legal cases have continued to increase.

Wright also has other pending high court cases. The major ones include:

  • He has filed a libel case against Marcus Granath, a Norwegian Twitter user. He accused the Australian of being a fraudster. Granath failed to throw the case out.

In all these, according to Carol Alexander, the professor of finance at the University of Sussex business school, Wright can prove he’s Satoshi by using the private keys that would unlock Bitcoin’s access.

Photo by Peio Bty on Unsplash