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Renting Finders gets off with €700k to enhance its European growth

Renting Finders, a Madrid-based startup, has zoomed off with €700k in a new funding round. It designed a digital platform for car renting by making it more cost-effective and easier for users.  The company, which houses the Iberian car rental marketplace, permits many people to hire vehicles. Car renting is becoming popular because of its […]

<strong>Opinion: The future of space exploration may belong to robots and billionaires</strong>

Opinion: The future of space exploration may belong to robots and billionaires

There was this awakening when Lord Martin Rees said that the space agencies in the world should remove plans to send astronauts to Mars and the moon and leave them to robots and billionaires who could privately risk and fund such adventures.  For onlookers, this sounds different. However, does the statement mean that the space […]

<strong>EU sues the UK again over Northern Ireland protocol</strong>

EU sues the UK again over Northern Ireland protocol

On Friday, the EU commission launched four new legal procedures against the UK after the British House of Commons approved a bill to scrap some regulations ruling post-Brexit trading arrangements for Northern Ireland. The commission revealed that Britain’s unwillingness to involve in a meaningful discussion on the protocol ruling the trading arrangements plus its lower […]

Vatican insists they’re gifts as Indigenous groups want their collections back

The Vatican Museums house some great artworks globally, from ancient Egyptian antiquities to Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel and papal chariots. However, one of its least-visited collections has become most contested before Pope’s travel to Canada. Anima Mundi Ethnological, the contested collection, is situated close to the food court and near the major exit, with thousands of […]

Denmark bans Google services in schools.

Denmark is effectively banning Chromebooks and Google Workspace in schools because of data transfer risks after the Helsingør municipality officials were ordered to execute a risk assessment concerning Google’s processing of personal data. The action comes after heavy criticism from Denmark’s Helsingør municipality against Google’s use of Workspace and Chromebooks for school aims. Datatilsynet Denmark’s […]

Dutch Central Bank fines Binance $3.4 million for serious violations

On Monday, the De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) slapped Binance with a huge $3.4 million fine for not obtaining regulatory approval to work in the country. The bank claims that Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange company by trading volume, has continued to provide services in the Netherlands without the needed registration and approval. According to the […]

Fundrise, a real estate investing giant, breaks into venture capital

Fundrise is making a giant entry into a venture capital market to generate a new $1 billion growth equity fund to invest in late-stage tech startups. The company, which permits everyone to invest in real estate with just $10, announced the move today.  According to the company, the new fund will be evergreen, have an […]

Why Big Tech’s Reckoning Won’t Stop With Uber

Now we can say that life for big tech firms appears increasingly different from how it was five years ago. Then, Uber utilized a hidden “kill switch” to thwart police’s probe of its data systems in over 12 countries.  The company forged into places where its service-economy methods broke city rules, rising above the mayors’ […]

Oracle introduces new sovereign cloud for EU

OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) has launched new sovereign cloud regions for its users in the European Union. The news comes as a rising number of governments and companies increasingly move mission-vital workloads to the cloud, needing greater protection of sensitive data in public clouds, especially ones in national jurisdictions and borders. According to Andrea Cesarini, […]

‘Callback’ phishing campaign impersonates security firms

A new report has emerged on how a new callback phishing campaign is impersonating popular security firms to trick potential victims into having a phone call that would instruct them to install malware. CrowdStrike Intelligence researchers found the campaign because CrowdStrike is one of the firms being impersonated. The campaign uses a phishing email to […]