Coral, the Solana developer platform, raises $20M to design Web3’s iPhone

Coral, the Solana developer platform, has helped design dev tools for the Solana blockchain ecosystem.  On Wednesday, the firm announced it raised a $20 million strategic round headed by FTX Ventures and Jump Crypto, with Anagram, Multicoin Capital, K5 Global, and others participating. Coral aims to use the funds to launch a product known as […]

Ethereum Merge is complete, signaling the opening of a new period for the network.

Ethereum Merge is complete, signaling the opening of a new period for the network.

The huge overhaul of Ethereum called the Merge is finally complete, pushing the digital machinery of the second-largest cryptocurrency to a much more energy-efficient system following years of delay and development. It wasn’t a small feast swapping out proof-of-work for another, known as proof-of-stake, but the payoff is massive, as Ethereum can now consume 99.9% […]

<strong>Starbucks launches and details its Starbucks Odyssey, a blockchain-based loyalty platform and NFT community.</strong>

Starbucks launches and details its Starbucks Odyssey, a blockchain-based loyalty platform and NFT community.

Starbucks officially introduced Starbucks Odyssey, which it plans to launch later in the year. This will be the platform’s first foray into building with web3 technology.  The new experience will combine the firm’s Starbucks Rewards loyalty program with an NFT platform, permitting its users to earn and buy digital assets that unlock premium rewards and […]

Another court case fails to unlock Bitcoin’s Satoshi Nakamoto mystery.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the mysterious Bitcoin and a popular figure in the Crypto industry. But his real identity is still unknown. There’s now another court case that fails to unlock the man’s mystery as Peter McCormack, the British blogger, is certain that he isn’t Craig Wright. Craig Wright, who’s an Australian computer scientist, has for […]

Dutch Central Bank fines Binance $3.4 million for serious violations

On Monday, the De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) slapped Binance with a huge $3.4 million fine for not obtaining regulatory approval to work in the country. The bank claims that Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange company by trading volume, has continued to provide services in the Netherlands without the needed registration and approval. According to the […]

As Solana plans to have its blockchain phone, here’s what happened to the pioneers

Solana (SOL) is planning to have its blockchain phone. It aims to have a new crypto-native phone to be developed by the smartphone maker Osom. Solana Labs, the company behind the Solana blockchain, discloses it’ll launch an android smartphone for the Solana network. It wants to ship the phone to the market in early 2023. […]

Opinion: Yes, Crypto is crashing again, but Blockchain will survive

The US Federal Reserve’s actions and recession fears have brought pressure on financial markets as Crypto has become one of the most challenged assets since the turn of the year. Just last week, Bitcoin fell from $23,000 to $22,000 and then to $21,000. This week, the Crypto industry rapidly fell for the 2nd time in […]

How Metaverse can change Cryptocurrency, may be worth $13 trillion by 2030

In a recent report released by Citi, the US investment bank says the Metaverse economy may be valued at $13 trillion by 2030. Citi examined all the possibilities of the Metaverse, including fiat money, Crypto, stablecoins, and in-game tokens.  According to the global banking giant, to create a smooth user experience, interoperability and seamless trade […]

New York lawmakers enact a new prohibition on Bitcoin mining

The New York State Senate has passed a ban that will stop issuing new licenses for Bitcoin mining projects that rely on electricity generated by fossil-fuel power plants.  This law will cut back the recent growth in the Bitcoin mining sector in New York. The bill was enacted by the state Assembly earlier this year. […]

Ex-Binance executives launch a $100M Crypto fund.

As the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance is known for hiring the best. A group of former executives recently launched a $100 million venture fund.   This venture fund is called Old Fashion Research (OFR). It focuses on the Metaverse and was created to bring more Crypto adoption to regions with emerging markets.  These […]