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If you build it, will they come? The HTML5 distribution problem

For better or worse, HTML5 obliterated the technical barriers to entry to creating applications. As the barriers came down, many developers tried to strike gold in the app Eldorado and the market became saturated.  The initial focus turned towards monetization of the apps, which made sense as the ecosystem was growing.  At last year’s Mobile […]

Gamification: Merchants of Meth or Merchants of Faith

Gamification: Merchants of Meth or Merchants of Faith

Last Thursday, 2 very different, gamification focused, emails made it to my inbox and highlighted a growing dilemma for those of us using gamification techniques in our applications:  Are we creating applications that benefit our users by empowering them to perform certain tasks more efficiently or are creating digital meth to get them addicted to […]

Offline Mode: The Elephant in the HTML5 Room

Offline Mode: The Elephant in the HTML5 Room

There seems to be 3 groups of people involved in the HTML5 discussion: Evangelists, whose role is to push technology adoption.  In most industries they’d be called salespeople but in Tech we like to coin words to make us sound specials so the tech evangelists were born!  They are comprised of both staff from large […]

The Maturing of HTML5: 5 Lessons from HTML5 Developers’ Conference

During his conference Keynote, Intel’s VP Christos Georgiopoulos brought up the Gartner Growth Cycle and ventured that we had finally entered the era of productivity for HTML5. If the activities, professionalism, and presentations delivered during the HTML5 Developers’ Conference are any indicator, Christos is spot on in his assessment.  This spring the conference was held […]

Getting pumped for the HTML5 Developer Conference | Our picks

Following he rise of HTML5 and gamification in the industry, both as a software producer and software consumer, I am particularly intrigued about the following sessions: Intel HTML5 XDK overview + build process.    This session is led by Paul Fischer.  I know Paul and I know the XDK, the reason I would attend this session […]

HTML5 and Gamification: can they feed off each other ?

The countdown to HTML5DevConf in San Francisco has begun and I am working on my presentation on how to use gamification to build a better user.   In this quest for building this better, or should I say happier, user the good news is that most of the technology tools are available but we have not […]

Code in the Dark: 5 takeaways for startups about how to treat your Devs

On September 27th I attended the first Code in the Dark event in Paris, put together by the Rude Baguette and the Tictail team.  I’ll admit I was quite dubious about the event before going but came back enthusiastic, impressed, and inspired. The basic premise for the Code in the Dark is straightforward:  each round, […]

5 Tools & Tips to help you take better care of your users

Last week the blog covered how most software companies do not care about their users. Amidst the feedback stood a great question: “ok so which tools can I use to better care for my customers?” Before we dive into tools and techniques you can use to build a better customer, a disclaimer:  I am voluntarily […]

Most software companies don’t care about users. Let’s spark a change

Regardless of what you do in life you will have heard the infamous sentence “we care about our customers”.  And if you attend startup competitions or are in the Angel/VC field, you most likely hear from each presenting company how much they care about their users. Then 3 slides later in their presentation they tell […]

How creative authors can leverage HTML5

In December, many book professionals will be heading to Guadalajara for the International Bookfair to talk about the business of books. Just as in many other conventions, amidst lectures and books’ introductions, there will be talks about the impact of new technology on books and publishing. HTML5 being one of the hot topics of the tech […]