Getting pumped for the HTML5 Developer Conference | Our picks

Getting pumped for the HTML5 Developer Conference | Our picks

downloadFollowing he rise of HTML5 and gamification in the industry, both as a software producer and software consumer, I am particularly intrigued about the following sessions:

Intel HTML5 XDK overview + build process.    This session is led by Paul Fischer.  I know Paul and I know the XDK, the reason I would attend this session still is that Intel is taking an intriguing approach to helping developers launch their applications.  So attending Paul’s session would be great, however, I will be in a different room when he speaks and I hope he forgives me!

I will instead be attending: Scaling Mobile Development at Twitter, a talk by Jeremy Gordon.  Scaling mobile apps is a hugely complicated task.  Twitter, because of the very nature of its business is already an example in scaling so learning how they apply their techniques to the mobile environment will be a fantastic learning experience.

As soon as Jeremy is done, I will be heading out to listen to Demian Borba talk about Creating High Performance Mobile Apps with HTML5.  A major complaint about HTML5 apps is that they are not as good as native apps (this has been argued by the experts ad-nauseum) so rather than worrying about which approach is better, I am looking forward to Demian showing how it can be done. Also, since Demian is with Blackberry I hope to hear a bit about how the company plans on integrating HTML5 in their future offerings.

After a short break, I will once again have the dilemma of selecting a session and, once again, I will bypass a presenter from Intel though I highly recommend going to his session.  I am only skipping Ben Odom’s talk on Environmental Sensors for Making app on phone  because I know I can pick his brain at the booth during the conference! Not to spoil it but it’s going to be a great talk.
Where am I going instead?  Learning about scaling and performance, this time in terms of data visualization.  The data flood is upon us and being able to properly and effectively visualize it is going to be key for any business.  So I plan on learning a lot from Gregor Aisch on Scale and performance: data visualization in modern web browsers.

You would think that Day 1 is done but it’s not!  I’ll jump in Creating Cross Platform Games with One HTML5 Code Base by Tyler Smith.  Games and HTML5, should be an interesting talk.
Then it will be time for the last session of the day. Of course I am a bit biased towards the Gamification one since I’ll be presenting the talk. Not to mention that it will be a great test of jetlag management.
However, if I had a clone, I would send him toRobots, Circuits, and Drones, Oh My! Javascript for Makers .  How cool is that…Peter Christensen,  I am tracking you down during the conference!

It will be then time to crash and prep for the following day!

On day two, here is my selected lineup:

Transforming the presentation of official statistics  In life there are lies, damn lies, and statistics so I am really looking forward to seeing some of the ways Robert Fry suggests we leverage, incorporate, and transform official data.

Diane Bisgeier from Mozilla should have a great talk:  From Developer To Entrepreneur.  We are all in the business of software and at times, it is simple to forget that coding is just a tiny portion of what makes a business succeed.  

The day goes on with a presentation on: Full Stack JavaScript – From mobile to db and up to the cloud.  Grant Shipley from Red Hat is giving the talk.  I am open minded when it comes to framework and stacks in mobile so I am hoping to learn more about their approach and philosophy on the problem.

Then will come a cool session that I am merely attending as a guilty pleasure: Augmented Reality Mobile App Development  Let’s say that I hope they have many cool demos and if there are some Google glasses involved, even better!

I hope we have a break because it will then be time to listen to people from Stanford which likely mean they will lose me at Hello and you will never read about this session!  It’s back to my topic “du jour”: Combining Narrative, Model, and Information Visualization

Finally the last session will cover one of the most important topics in technology today.  Yet one of the most oft ignored:  Whatever Happened to “Augmenting Human Intellect”?   Scott Murray wiil present and it is refreshing to see that this talk with focus on the end user that we are supposed to be serving with our software.

Which sessions would you want to attend and more importantly, will you be attending so we can have a live meet up!