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Does Paris need NUMA?

Rue du Caire has never had so many startups passing through its passages and buildings. While historically there have always been small businesses occupying the Sentier district in Paris, it’s hard to call the boutique stores & seamstress shops ‘startups.’ Sentier was a logical fit for startups to call home – the neighborhood is home […]

Giroptic’s 360Cam passes $1 Million on Kickstarter, yet they almost didn’t exist

Giroptic’s 360Cam passes $1 Million on Kickstarter, yet they almost didn’t exist

Lille-based Giroptic is on its way to break the record for largest French Kickstarter campaign, with just 24 days to go and $1 Million contributed for its 360° HD Camera. The campaign is inching ahead of Lima, which raised $1.2 Million last September, and it owes much of its success to its predescessors, who have […]

GE to speak at Connected Conference on “The Rise of the Industrial Internet”

GE to speak at Connected Conference on “The Rise of the Industrial Internet”

Connected Conference, sponsored by SIGFOX, is just a week away, and we’re excited to announce our surprise speaker on June 18th is none other than GE’s CEO of Heathcare in Europe, Jean-Michel Malbrancq. Malbrancq got his start working at imaging company Thomson CGR, an imaging company which was subsequently acquired by GE in 1987. Since […]

France to help US LPs back French VCs, will back US VCs investing in France

Earlier this week, François Hollande gave a speech to the French Tech community, in which he eluded to a plan to finance transatlantic US/French VC funds – the full speech available below in French. As we reported yesterday, not much was known about this at the time, only that BPIFrance, the VC arm of the […]

François Hollande meets with US VCs & the French Tech community. What’s next?

This week, 150 members of the French Tech ecosystem, ranging from Iliad CEO and startup investor Xavier Niel to 1001 Menus co-founder Xavier Zeitoun met at the Elysée Palace following France Digitale Day, where President François Hollande spoke of France’s commitment to LaFrenchTech. The speech, as a whole, fell flat. Mid-speech, Partech Ventures GM Philippe […]

6 Startups will simultaneously launch Connected Hardware Crowdfunding Campaigns next week

One of the big highlights of our Connected Conference this 18-19th at the Halle Freyssinet will be the ‘connected’ crowdfunding competition. We’ve partnered with Indiegogo to identify some of the most innovative new connected objects. Starting on Monday at a launch event taking place at TheFamily, 6 selected projects will launch their campaigns.  From there, […]

France Digitale’s French Tech Barometer quantifies startup growth in France

At their annual event this week in Paris, France Digitale released, alongside Ernst & Young, their annual report on the state of the startup ecosystem in France. The third edition of the report (here’s my analysis of the first & second editions) measures four categories: Growth, Employees, Public Aid, and Equity Distribution. In the Growth category, […]

Codiki looks to bring true measurability and performance to the world of offline marketing

Two of the biggest challenges in marketing have long been tracking and measurability. While the advent of online marketing has gone a long way in helping to address these challenges, offline marketing such as direct mailings or handouts of paper flyers, remain largely immeasurable for many marketers. A rising player in the performance marketing space […]

After the Paris Founders Event, Music Battle launches campaign on Kickstarter

Last Spring at the Paris Founders Event (the French event to launch a product), the French startup Phonotonic (breeded by Agoranov) launched its new product: “Music Battle”, a connected game that will reveal both the dancer and musician in you. The game is simple: one connected object gives the rhythm, the other one the lead. Both […]

15 countries launch Allied For Startups, a new global startup advocacy network

At France Digitale Day in Paris this week, France Digitale, a startup advocacy association which lobbies the French government for startup legislation, has launched Allied for Startups, alongside 14 other country-based associations of similar nature based on 4 continents: Startup Chile, Startup Brazil, Berlin-based The Factory, Startup Malaysia, the USA’s Engine Advocacy & Startup Malaysia are […]